16 september 2015
President of MAYKOR reaches the TOP 1000 of Russian Managers
Sergey Sulgin, President of MAYKOR, has been included in the TOP 1000 list of leading Russian senior managers in the information technology industry. On September 16, results of the study were published by the Russian Managers Association and Kommersant Publishing House. Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing at MAYKOR, is also among the winners.

The TOP 1000 Russian Managers ranking is a recognized tool for objective assessment of the professional reputation of Russia's leading top managers. The main objectives of the ranking are to summarize yearly performance and identify the most professional managers in Russia, leaders in their industries and functional areas. The basis of the methodology is the principle of "the best chooses the best" – top managers assess other top managers, functional managers assess other functional managers. The final results of the ranking are approved at the meeting of expert committees along functional lines and are published in the appendix of the Kommersant newspaper.

Sergey Sulgin has led MAYKOR as president since 2012. Among Sergey's key achievements as company president are improving the management system and building a strong team of top managers with steady growth of business, launch of new services and models of service delivery, and promotion of outsourcing practices in various industries. Under his leadership, the company has become a "trendsetter" in the Russian IT outsourcing industry and has strengthened the position of Russian industry in the international arena.

Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing at MAYKOR, first entered the top managers list last year. She has been a head of the marketing department since 2010, working to increase MAYKOR's brand awareness in both the domestic and international markets and building an integrated communication platform for B2B customers as part of the loyalty programs. As a result, the company increased the number of contract renewals last year as well as the number of internal service projects and became the leader in the global outsourcing industry, which allowed Irina to remain in the TOP 1000 list.
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