19 september 2012
Production and quality control of pharmaceutical products POLYSAN will be provided with the solution of GMCS prescription
One of the leading pharmaceutical industry company, the scientific and technological pharmaceutical firm POLYSAN and the company GMCS implemented an innovative project.

The project will result in a comprehensive production management system of medicines with fully automated processes, quality control in accordance with the standards of GMP.  Russia's first such implementation in the pharmaceutical industry is based on the latest platform Infor10 ERP Enterprise.

POLYSAN is a domestic producer and developer of original medicaments. Own production and warehouse are located in the Frunze district of St. Petersburg. Over 30 per cent of medicines, produced by POLYSAN, are exported to the CIS and South-East Asia.

The intensive growth of the pharmaceutical company business, which launched in July 2012 the second stage pharmaceutical plants, and increasing complexity of the business processes actualized the need for re-engineering and reform of the basic mechanisms of enterprise resource management. For this aim, the GMCS platform based Infor10 ERP Enterprise will form a model of an integrated solution that combines the accumulated POLYSAN for the last 20 years of experience in R&D, production, promotion and marketing of the FFP, as well as industry expertise of GMCS.

"Created with GMCS decision will allow us to move to a new level of control and to create a competitive advantage in achieving the company's strategic growth plans. And we have quite ambitious plans. However, the POLYSAN is constantly working to improve quality control. Today, when our company plans with the launch of the second line of the plant to enter the contract manufacturing, we need to ensure the maximum transparency of process control and quality management system for external customers," said Alexander Borisov, Executive Director of POLYSAN.

The current project is a continuation of the long history of cooperation GMCS and POLYSAN leading back to 2004. Pharmaceutical company now uses the range of solutions in company activity, the core of which is the production management system and quality management based on Baan IV. As said Inga Albot, Head of development, implementation and maintenance of software of POLYSAN: "The project that we started with GMCS, our time-tested partner, is strategically important for the company. We not only move to a new version of the system, but conduct the review and ongoing optimization and automation of the business processes that are not currently implemented in the system. First of all, it is the processes of maintenance and repairs, which is essential for the POLYSAN because the company has a unique park of high-tech equipment, as well as increased functionality of the system in terms of financial management. These are the tools of planning cash flow and the additional opportunities for obtaining reports."

The special attention is given to the project of quality control. All the related features will be transferred in a creating solution: quality control at the stage of procurement of raw materials, production and final products for each product series, registration of the actual results of each product series with a print of complete documents set. In addition, GMCS will integrate Infor10 ERP Enterprise with localizable "Electronic Journal of quality control in pharmaceutical versions" now by Woters software company.

Putting the system into operation is scheduled for January 2013.

"We make a truly unique project. On the base of Infor10 ERP Enterprise platform and models POLYSAN will be created industry-specific solution, which we hope will be interesting and useful to the pharmaceutical market to other players who are interested in improving the efficiency of the production process and the construction of a full quality management system products conforming to international standards," said Lyudmila Sokolskaya, Director of Infor Department, GMCS.


POLYSAN was incorporated in December 1992 by a group of medicine and biology pro’s from various St. Petersburg institutions. In just 13 years of its corporate record POLYSAN developed from a small laboratory establishment into a developed pharmaceutical company. According to data supplied by Pharmexpert, POLYSAN is a top manufacturer in the domestic pharmaceutical industry and specializes in production of immunomodulators and export of original officinal medicines. E.g. cycloferon (promoting factor for endogenous interferons with antiviral activity) and reamberin (succinic acid-based infusion detoxicant solution) are successfully sold in the domestic market, in the CIS states and in the South-Easter Asia.

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