24 november 2008
Project for individualities: GMCS constructed a planning and logistics management system at Mr. Doors
GMCS completed the project for the establishment of a planning and logistics management information system at Mr. Doors, the leading Russian manufacturer and supplier of cabinet and built-in furniture. 

As part of the works conducted, GMCS automated the complex system of logistics services at the client company using Microsoft Dynamics AX and integrated it into the production software used by the enterprise.

The particularities of producing furniture to order set high requirements towards the precision and speed of presenting information on the state of warehouse stock of materials and components, planning the level of stock and organization of deliveries. With the development of Mr. Doors, including in connection with the opening of a new modern plant in 2004, the self-written systems, which existed at the enterprise, stopped satisfying the needs of the furniture company. In order to centralize data within one system and construct a single information space Mr. Doors made the decision to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX. As a result of a competitive procedure, GMCS became the partner on this project.

The project implemented by GMCS was a part of the comprehensive automation of activities of the client company. GMCS consultants were faced with the task of not just constructing a new information system of stock recording, inventory planning and shipment management, but also ensuring its integration with the existing system of order registration and the Mr. Doors production software.

"Manufacturing furniture to order by individual projects is a complex process from the point of view of both production technologies and management," says Ivan Laguntsov, Head of Information Technologies at Mr. Doors. "We were interested in implementing an automated system, which would allow to, on one hand, provide the production process with the necessary volume of materials to observe the deadlines of completing accepted orders, and on the other,  timely withdraw reserves pursuant to data on fulfilled orders received from production."

Unwrapping the integrated system at Mr. Doors was conducted in several stages. First of all, the GMCS team implemented stock recording within the system, then – automated procurement planning. Today, Mr. Doors specialists can analyze statistical data and introduce adjustments to the procurement pattern in order to support the optimum level of stock of components and materials at the warehouse. The final stage was automating shipment management.

Today, the planning and logistics management information system  at Mr. Doors has been launched into operation and covers the main production facility of the furniture company in the town of Malakhovka of the Moscow Region. Functional possibilities of the IT solution implemented by GMCS ensure recording of goods and materials stock at the warehouse and efficient management of the supply chain. Moreover, at the moment, data is being imported from regional  Mr. Doors branches into Microsoft Dynamics AX, which allows to reserve materials for an order received from a client in due time.

"The system implemented by our consultants fully accounts for the particularities of the furniture industry and ensures efficient support of the rapidly developing business of the client-company," comments Oleg Lysov, Head of the Microsoft Solutions Department at GMCS, on the results of the project. "Considering the opening of regional offices of Mr. Doors on the European market, the new logistics management system gains even greater value, because furniture for Western consumers is being produced at Russian production plants, and as a result the tasks of efficient capacity load and production resources planning and shipment control become increasingly more complicated." 

About Mr. Doors

Mr. Doors – the company was established in 1996 and is the leader of the Russian market of built-in and cabinet furniture, manufactured according to individual projects, and components for its manufacturing.
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