5 july 2016
Qlik has marked the achievement of MAYKOR-GMCS in the public and energy sectors

Qlik, a leading company in the field of visual analytics tools, has noted the progress of MAYKOR-GMCS in promoting Qlik solutions in the public and energy sectors at the past Partners Forum.

The vendor has assessed the contribution of partners in the promotion of Qlik solutions, the presence of their own solutions, as well as the number of completed projects.

MAYKOR-GMCS cooperates with Qlik since 2012 and has the status of Solution Provider.

"We strive to ensure that customers can get the maximum benefits from the use of business intelligence. That's why we invest a lot in developing our own solutions based on QlikView for various industries, including the energy and the public sectors. Today, for example, we continue to cooperate with one of the largest generating companies, helping to improve the BI-solution based on QlikView," says Anton Seleznev, business director of QlikView, vertical solutions unit, MAYKOR-GMCS.

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