17 april 2014
Raiffeisenbank trusts MAYKOR to service of IT-infrastructure and banking equipment
Raiffeisenbank, 11th in terms of assets as of 2013 (Interfax-CEA), has entrusted MAYKOR, the Russian nationwide provider of IT and Business Process Outsourcing, to service the IT infrastructure in its offices, as well as its ATM and POS terminal equipment.

Under the framework of the project, MAYKOR provides comprehensive service for the IT systems in 125 separate banks in the Central, Volga, Siberian, Far East, Northwest and Southern federal districts, and provides FLM services (first level technical support) to more than 1300 ATM and POS terminals.

The transition to outsourcing support for the bank's IT infrastructure was performed gradually throughout 2013. The parties worked out a process for interacting in a group of pilot offices, after which MAYKOR undertook the technical support of IT, ATM, and POS terminal equipment according to the agreed plan.

In addition to servicing equipment, MAYKOR is responsible for technical support in the opening of new operational offices, as well as in organizing transportation, assembly, and commissioning of new ATMs, etc. Part of Raiffeisenbank's IT staff was assimilated by MAYKOR for regular work, which is a global outsourcing practice aimed at reducing client costs. In this way, in most cities where Raiffeisenbank has a presence today, MAYKOR has assumed all executive functions regarding the servicing of IT, ATM, and POS terminal equipment, effectively replacing the regional structures of IT support that had existed in the bank previously. At the same time, the bank retains all management and control functions.

"Today one of the priorities in Raiffeisenbank's development is expanding its geographic presence. The outsourcing of technical support functions regarding IT infrastructure and banking equipment is an optimal solution, which allows us to free up resources and to focus on our core business", remarked Alexander Kazakov, head of technical infrastructure management at Raiffeisenbank.

About Raiffeisenbank

ZAO Raiffeisenbank is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG. ZAO Raiffeisenbank is 11th in terms of assets as of 2013 (Interfax-CEA). According to Interfax-CEA, ZAO Raiffeisenbank is 5th in Russia in terms of deposits by individuals and 10th in terms of loans to individuals as of 2013. 

Raiffeisen Bank International AG is a leading corporate and investment bank in the financial markets of Austria and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In Central and Eastern Europe, Raiffeisen Bank International operates a large network of subsidiary banks and licensed companies and a broad spectrum of other specialized financial service providers in 15 markets. Raiffeisen Bank International is the only Austrian bank that operates both in global financial centers and in the Asian market, which is its current area of focus. Approximately 58,000 employees of the bank service about 14.6 million clients at 3,000 of its offices, the majority of which are located in Central and Eastern Europe. Raiffeisen Bank International is a fully consolidated subsidiary of Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG (RZB), which possesses approximately 60.7% of its ordinary shares listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The remaining shares are in free float. RZB is the central institution of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group, the country's largest banking group, and head of the RZB Group, including Raiffeisen Bank International.
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