30 november 2015
RiT Technologies and MAYKOR actively develop Russian business network infrastructure
MAYKOR, a leading Russian provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, has become an authorized partner of RiT Technologies (Israel). The partnership expands MAYKOR’s technological cooperation with a leading manufacturer of intelligent cabling systems and confirms the company’s competence in the field of technical support of the entire spectrum of RiT network solutions.

Official cooperation opens new opportunities in the development of the market of engineering infrastructure, networking, telecommunications and low current systems. Partnership with MAYKOR gives RiT Technologies access to new projects and strengthens its market position. In turn, the outsourcer is able to provide design and infrastructure maintenance services to customers with the use of RiT Technologies’ high-tech solutions.

“Thanks to the alliance with MAYKOR, we have an opportunity to reach a new engineering level to support data center infrastructure and cable systems of commercial buildings. Our professionals have access to technical training on the entire line of RiT Technologies equipment, which enables us to guarantee the quality of our service to customers,” said Leonid Futlik, Vice President of Engineering Systems Development at MAYKOR.

“Another addition to our key partners is a new stage in RiT Technologies’ development. Due to developing cooperation in the field of intelligent network solutions with the leading market players, we have provided Russian enterprises and organizations with passive, intelligent network and telecommunications systems. Thanks to cost-cutting and logistics optimization, we have provided the best corporate price quotes. We have planned joint participation for MAYKOR and RiT Technologies in a number of major projects on the construction and support of the engineering infrastructure in Moscow and Moscow Region,” said Dariusz Zajac, Director of RIT CIS.
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