29 january 2014
Rosimushchestvo launched an automated system on the base of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with support of GMCS

Federal Property Management Agency (Rosimushchestvo) has launched an automated system of personified federal property management (ASPFPM) that is a part of the federal informational state property management system called "Unified system of federal property management". 

ASPFPM is constructed on the base of a platform Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The project has been carried out by GMCS, member of MAYKOR, Deloitte in CIS, Prognoz and Microsoft.

This system will allow employees of the central and regional offices of Rosimushchestvo make the process of federal property management more efficient, transparent and understandable for all participants: the state as owner, holders, executive authorities and citizens.

ASPFPM is an integrated solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint Server, BizTalk. ASPFPM is integrated with internal subsystems of the "Unified state property management system," including an electronic document flow management system and an interagency portal, a system of interagency electronic interaction and a unified portal of public services.

At present, ASPFPM carries out public services of Rosimushchestvo: issuing extracts from the register of federal property for sale (privatization) of land, the provision of land with the real estate or for rent, for non-reciprocal urgent use or permanent (termless) use; for providing land for purposes connected with the construction, etc.

The system contains a detailed description of the business processes with all possible routes for applications within the Federal Property Agency, which allows to control each stage of the process of providing public services from the receipt of application to its execution, to reduce the time spent, as well as receiving the related reporting by automating standard operations. In the future it is planned to extend the functionality of the system to support other state services and functions performed by the Federal Property Management Agency.

"One of the main tasks of Rosimushchestvo is participation in economic circulation and to increase efficiency of the federal property. When we created a system, we tried to fully use the synergy of various Microsoft products working together. We set a goal to deploy the system for a year, and through coordinated work with contractors, we were able to meet this deadline. Use of the system will allow more than 3000 employees to reduce significantly the proportion of routine operations, and ensure transparency of federal property management," said Alexey Chubar, the deputy head of the Federal Property Agency.

"The provision of electronic services in Russia still is a major IT project of the past few years. The need of informational solutions for managing relations with counterparts in the provision of public services is constantly growing. System, implemented in the Federal Property Management Agency, is not just a classic CRM, but xRM platform that can be developed in the future in accordance with the strategic objectives set to Rosimushchestvo. We are pleased to be part of this important for all our state project that demonstrates the willingness of government agencies to move to a qualitatively new level of interaction while performing their functions," said Catherina Voropaeva, president of GMCS.

"Automated system for personified management of state property, implemented in Federal Property Management Agency, will improve the quality of services provided by the agency. We are glad that this problem is solved with the help of our technology," says Alena Gekler, director of Microsoft Business Solutions in Russia.

About Rosimushchestvo

The Federal Agency of State Property Management (Rosimushchestvo) is the Federal Executive Body of the Russian Federation in charge of state property management, organization of sales of federal property. Rosimushchestvo acts as owner and or a shareholder for the purpose of the properties of Russian Federation. 

Rosimushchestvo operates under the constitution of Russian Federation, Federal Constitutional Law, Federal Laws, Acts of the President of Russian Federation and Government of Russian FederationRosimushchestvo was formed in June 2008 during restructuring of federal executive authorities of Russia as the successor to the Ministry of State Property of the Russian Federation (Mingosimushchestvo), and being controlled by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation.

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