9 august 2006
Rostelecom completes automation of tax statement generation process
Specialists of Rostelecom in joint efforts with GMCS' consultants have completed a project involving automation of Rostelecom's Microsoft Dynamics AX based tax account generation system.

A tool based on tax register collection technique and Excel Template Model, Rostelecom's in-house developments, was created enabling real-time and high-quality generation of the company's tax registers. As this tool was developed, the company's employees managed to solve both the problems common for telecom businesses and challenges confronting the majority of Russian enterprises in generation of tax registers. Thus, the following tasks were solved: collection of data from all Microsoft Dynamics AX modules to a unique account; consolidation of tax registers; uploading tax register data collected to preset templates.

The functionality developed is a complete horizontal solution which may be used both for tax registers and for building any other complex-structure statements and reports: management, corporate or IAS. In Rostelecom this tool is integrated into the vertical GMCS Telecom solution applied presently by the company.

Thanks to the new tool, Rostelecom's specialists can do any required adjustments in tax registers by themselves without asking programmers and thus are able to operatively respond to legislative changes.

The project was executed in two stages: first, the functionality for the company's HQs, Moscow and Southern branches. Next, after testing and some minor adjustments, the solution was replicated to other 7 branches of the company.

The project is a development of packaged financial account automation in Rostelecom's structural units. Formerly GMCS' consultants took part in execution of consolidated statements, international investment and asset management (IAS) generation process automation projects.

About Rostelecom

Rostelecom is a national long-call operator. The company provides services to its clients using its over 200,000 km corporate transport telecom network spread across the whole country territory. Rostelecom is responsible for the major portion of trunk and international traffic, and for operation of ground network of TV and radio broadcast channels. The largest shareholder of Rostelecom is Svyazinvest with 50.67% of Rostelecom's voting stock.

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