18 january 2005
Rostic Restaurants has turned to GMCS for tech support of BOSS-Kadrovik
Rostic Restaurants has charged BOSS-Kadrovik tech support task to GMCS, which meets all requirements specified by Rostic Restaurants for service companies.

GMCS has all required resources and developments to provide high-quality tech support and possesses a flexible and fault-free mechanism of providing consulting as to for companies of a level equal to that of Rostic Restaurants. 

Rostic Restaurants Holding has about 4,000 employees in the Russia's Central Region alone, so the holding places great emphasis on HR management. BOSS-Kadrovik is used in Rostic Restaurants as a personnel management and payroll calculation tool. Specific nature of HR policy in a catering business, frequent changes in employment laws require continuous management of BOSS-Kadrovik in order to ensure that system's capabilities were used to its best and the system setups matched changes in requirements of employment laws.

GMCS' consultants possess vast experience in most diverse information accounting software programs and enterprise management systems. GMCS provides high-quality services for supporting complete introductions during the whole term of system usage. Presently the company offers a number of tech support programs depending on clients' requirements:

  • Basic support program, i.e. supporting software versions;
  • Advanced support program, namely, remedial of errors by accessing a client's base, which enables to perform an in-depth analysis of difficulties occurred;
  • Maintenance of systems modifications during introduction project, including system upgrades to new software versions with allowance for changes in functionality.

GMCS' support is provided in a 'hotline' mode or by site visits. 

BOSS-Kadrovik system management for Rostic Restaurants Holding includes basic support and system upgrade management. 

About Rostic Restaurants

Rostic Restaurants is the largest catering holding in the Russian market operating since 1990. the Holding controls restaurants and fast-foods catering enterprises with the following trade marks: IL Patio, Planet Sushi, Friday’s, American Bar & Grill, Rostic's, MokaLoka, Benikhana, Santa Fe, etc. 

By end of 2004, total number of Holding's businesses exceeded 170, with over a hundred of them working in Moscow, and the rest in the Russian regions (St. Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk, etc.), CIS and Baltic States (Belarus, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia), and Europe (Czechia, Slovakia, Spain, Hungary, Austria). In the period of 2004 to 2005 a number of catering facilities will grow at least by 35% annually.

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