26 january 2006
RSK MiG, an aircraft engineering company, made its stake on SSA ERP (Baan) system
One of the Russian top planemakers, FGUP Russian Aircraft Engineering Company MiG, has proceeded, with help of consultants from GMCS, to build own corporate enterprise information management system based on SSA ERP (Baan) system. The project is a part of an integrated aircraft engineering corporation management optimization program.

This decision was made and a consulting company was sel ected was conditioned by anumber of factors: first, today SSA ERP system is widely used at Russian and world aircraft engineering enterprises; second, functionality of the system, among all systems offered in the market, is best fit for this industry; third, GMCS' specialists have an extensive experience orworking with SSA ERP.

The project is aimed at creation of a unified MiG Corp. efficient management system, as the corporation has a distributed structure with a number of production sites. A peculiar feature of the project is its tight schedule.

The first project stage involves creation of a corporate finance management system. Work started in October 2005. Presently financial modules of the system are in pilot operation. These modules launched will enable the corporation to get a consolidated balance sheet for six remote sites.

Another two modules of the Finance subsystem shall be launched in early 2006. Completion of the first project stage is scheduled for march 2006. The project development plans provide solution of logistics and production management problems on the basis if a uniform SSA ERP solution within a distributed corporate structure.


Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FGUE) Russian Aircraft Engineering Corporation MiG was the first national manufacturer of aircraft engineering products which united, within an integrated legal structure, profile entities, providing all components of a lifecycle for airborne vehicles manufactured, starting fr om concept development, schematic design and detailed engineering, building and testing of preproduction models and up to marketing, serial production and aftersales support service during operation, and training of cockpit and maintenance personnel.
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