11 october 2012
Russian division of Symphony Teleca Corporation moves to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
GMCS completed the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 in Russian division of Teleca AB, a member of the international corporation Symphony Teleca Corporation. 

The project was implemented within replication of a single management model within the holding where Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is the corporate standard, and became one of the largest at the moment of implementation in all parts of the corporation.

System Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 was used in the units Teleca AB in the United States, India, Poland, Germany and Sweden. For implementation of the project in the Russian office Teleca sel ected GMCS. The main factor was the presence of necessary competence of GMCS in the international implementations of Microsoft Dynamics AX, confirmed with more than 10 projects.

Teleca – Russian branch of Teleca AB (before acquisition of TELMA by Teleca AB in 2006) that specializes in the development of embedded software for mobile wireless devices and various applications for Android, Linux, Brew, Windows Mobile and other modern platform. In February 2012, there was a merger of Teleca AB and Symphony Services Corporation, which led to the emergence of a new brand in the market – corporations Symphony Teleca Corporation. The Russian unit was and still is one of the largest in terms of volume of executed projects.

"By the time, when the project started in the summer of 2011, our company had used the software of one of the Russian vendors; it was implemented with accounting functions. With the growth of the company the software gradually stoped to meet the requirements of business in terms of current problems and needs, as well as in terms of scalability. It was one of the prerequisites of the project," says Daniel Ryabchikov, the Financial Director of Teleca, "In addition, we needed to move to a unified system of business management to provide maximum financial transparency for the parent company that conducts strategic management. Earlier this role was carried out by corporate center at Teleca AB, today, we works on the basis of Symphony Teleca Corporation standards."

The project resulted in automation of financial loop, including the bookkeeping and tax accounting in accordance with the standards of the Russian legislation, as well as the sales process and bidding.

As one of the largest departments, Teleca has a large number of business transactions. Together with the customer's internal team the GMCS experts elaborated analytical model, which became the basis for the automation of the registration in accordance with RAS, IFRS and tax accounting. The system set functions for maintaining the primary operations in accordance with different accounting standards, the translation of the RAS in the IAS with a minimum following reclassification and flexible tools for operational reporting on all types of accounting policies adopted by the company.

The project is in Teleca is one of the few Russian module implementation of Professional Services Automation (PSA), which is part of Microsoft Dynamics AX and designed for advanced project management. The introduction of this module was carries out by the customer's internal team with the support of GMCS in the part of PSA integration with a localized in Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality for financial management. Today, the PSA is not only taking into account the spent time with all overtime, sick leave and vacation, but in the real-time mode the all costs in accordance with IFRS. In addition, the module provides the ability to record revenue (IFRS) and display customer invoices in the context of each client / project, both in terms of "time & material", and on a "fixed cost". These PSA modules of each units are used by the main office for centralized cost tracking and cost control of projects.

"I wouldn't call the project for Teleca as a simple replication of corporate solutions. It was held a very serious effort to adapt existing solutions to the requirements of the Russian legislation, it was implemented numerous and innovative improvements, connected with the speccific of the Russian branch of the holding. This applies particularly to the need of accounting with multiple standards simultaneously. Customer satisfaction is our best estimate of our work and we are pleased to continue working with one of the world leaders in the IT industry for the technical support system," says Alexei Zaitsev, Development Director, Department of Microsoft solutions, GMCS.

About Symphony Teleca Corporation

Symphony Teleca Corporation, headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., is the world’s first services company dedicated exclusively to helping clients manage the global convergence of software, the cloud and connected devices. The company delivers innovative products combined with contemporary product development, systems integration, analytics and managed services to hundreds of organizations around the world. Symphony Teleca's 5,800 employees support customers from 35 offices globally, including delivery centers in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

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