15 may 2017
Russian Post implemented the newest logistic IT system

Russian Post completed the implementation of a modern logistic system throughout the country. The new software allows using the mathematical model to calculate and plan the most efficient route and method (railway, auto, air, water) for sending mail to anywhere in Russia.

The 82 regional branches, about 1000 sorting units, post offices and international postal exchange offices, as well as large logistics facilities of the Russian Post, are integrated into a single system: logistics postal centers and automated sorting centers.

Earlier the optimal routes were calculated manually by the employees. This process took a long time and was carried out about 1-2 times a year. Now with the launch of the new system, all calculations are done by a computer in a matter of seconds. It is able to analyze every day about 1 billion different variants of routes, choosing the most optimal one with a glance to the terms and costs of delivery.

The mathematical model minimizes the possibility of human error in decisions making and allows taking into account the majority of factors influencing the choice of the optimal route for the mail items delivery. In a case of failure in operations of the logistics chain, the system allows making adjustments.

Until the end of the year, the system will be scaled to the intraregional routes throughout Russia to increase the effectiveness of mail transfer planning to each of the 42 thousand post offices.

"The implementation of a new system makes it possible to plan the delivery time and cost of the each postal item, choosing the most optimal routes. This allows to not only withstand the deadlines for delivery but also in some areas to deliver mail faster than the norm, as well as to identify bottlenecks in the production and logistics network of the enterprise and promptly eliminate them. Moreover, the system allows reducing the logistic costs by 10-15%, which affects the overall decrease in production costs, "said Alexey Skatin, Deputy General Director for Logistics of the Russian Post.

The system is based on one of the most modern IBP (Integrated Business Planning) products developed by River Logic, Inc. The mathematical model of the Russian Post is set up by MAYKOR-GMCS, one of the leading Russian providers of IT services. The new logistics system operates on the basis of its own server capacities of the Russian Post. Personal data of users are provided with a multi-level protection system, which excludes the possibility of external threats penetration.

About Russian Post

Russian Post is the federal postal service operator and is listed as a strategic organization of the Russian Federation. It has 42,000 offices throughout the country and is deemed one of the largest companies in terms of staff, employing about 350,000 workers. 

Every year Russian Post processes nearly 2.5 billion letters and bills, including 1 billion items of state agency correspondence, as well as 194 million parcels. Russian Post services about 20 million customers in Russia, delivering 1 billion printed issues per year. Russian Post processes 3.5 trillion rubles in transactions each year, including pensions, payments, and wire transfers.

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