1 september 2009
SAREX uses GMCS developments based on Infor ERP LN
A project for the creation of a management information system based on Infor ERP LN is under way at SAREX (Saransk Excavator Plant), one of Russia's oldest manufacturing enterprises. 

In order to achieve the tasks that the company is faced with both standard system functionality and additional Infor ERP LN functionality created by GMCS are used. The new Infor ERP LN-based management information system will cover both excavator equipment production historically carried out at the plant and agricultural tractor manufacture actively being developed by  SAREX. As a result of this strategically important project SAREX will be able to improve efficiency and transparency of managing key business processes, such as sales, planning, production, procurement, as well as internal logistics and finance.

Development plans and strategic tasks that SAREX is faced with require production management of international industry level in order to cut costs and maintain high quality of produce. The presence of experience IT consultants on the market together with the leading  position of Infor ERP LN among IT systems for manufacturing enterprises successfully used by the largest mechanical engineering enterprises in Russia and internationally were the main reasons for selecting the solution. For the project SAREX was especially interested in the unique  Infor ERP LN functionality developed by GMCS consultants for auto assembly enterprises.

It is planned to launch the SAREX automated management system based on Infor ERP LN before the end of 2009.


SAREX is the largest manufacturer of excavators based on MTZ-80/82, YMZ-6AK wheel-type tractors in Russia. The plant's history goes back to 1943 when an  auto repair enterprise was created in Saransk (republic of Mordovia), subsequently in 1959 repurposed to produce excavators. In 1990 the Saransk Excavator Plant was transformed into joint-stock company SAREX. Over the past 15 years the company has started to produce several new excavator models. At the moment aside from its traditional produce, SAREX also manufactures several special machines and a wide range of agricultural equipment. Modern production technologies are constantly being implemented at the enterprise, with special attention towards quality control and customer relations.
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