15 november 2012
Sergei Osipov was appointed as Director of Special Projects
GMCS company announced the appointment of Sergei Osipov as Director of special projects. 

Sergei will supervise the work of the sel ected companies in the new company unit, which will be engaged in the implementation of innovative projects based solutions across the whole product line and own developments of the company. Also the responsibility of the Sergei Osipov will include development of new business and strategic alliances.

"I am well acquainted with GMCS and see the potential for expanding the boundaries of the not only with industry and customers, but also fr om the point of geography. The last task is certainly not easy, but question of time because the high level of competition erodes the boundaries of the global IT market. GMCS has everything you need: experience, team, reputation and, in fact, solutions, tested in large Russian companies, and interesting not only in Russia," said Sergey Osipov.

Under the leadership of Sergei Osipov, there is already a number of projects related to the development of front-office solutions for the public sector, telecoms, energy, preparation of cloud solutions.

"We were searching for a man who would have experience in implementation of large, non-standard projects with proper knowledge of the market and technology. Sergei was a man with a great reputation and tremendous charisma, having all of this unique experience of working with leading vendors of both software and hardware. We are pleased that Sergey has joined our team, and are confident that under his leadership, our initiative to create innovative solutions will get new lines of development," commented on the appointment the president of GMCS Catherine Voropayeva.

Sergey Osipov has over 15 years of experience in information technology, consulting, and sales. His professional activity is connected with the work of companies such as Epic Rus (1996-2002), Microsoft Business Solutions (2002-2009), where he, in particular, led the department to work with clients. Fr om 2009 to 2012 Sergei Osipov was sales director of Yota.
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