17 november 2010
Skylink and GMCS announce the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics-based CRM-system
Russian mobile operator Skylink and GMCS completed a large-scale project on the deployment of the automated customer relationship management system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The system is a uniform tool for operational subscriber service, sales services, services and equipment of Skylink in the Unified Call Center (UCC) and sales offices in the regions of the Skylink presence, and a flexible platform for the development of cross sales. To date, the CRM-system is used by more than 400 Skylink officers in different regions where the company is present.

This project started in January 2010 and became an important component of the integration program implemented by Skylink, aimed at the unification of the business processes in the regions of presence. Skylink is a Russian 3G market leader that provides services to the subscribers in the territory of more than 9,000 populated localities in 36 constituent entities of the Russian Federation; this requires powerful tools for operational service and for the consolidation of information about subscribers in a Uniform Base accessible for all regions where the company is present. The operator chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a platform for the implementation of these tasks; GMCS became the project implementation partner that has successfully implemented their CRM project portfolio for communication operators.

The project was implemented within ten months. During that period, all the Skylink sales channels were integrated in the CRM-system enabling to support the corporate service standards and significantly facilitating the work of the company's specialists. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was also integrated with the Unified Call Center that provides services for subscriber, SMS-Center, Billing System, subscriber personal account (SkyPoint), and the warehouse management system used by Skylink.

With the implementation of the CRM-system, the operator Unified Call Center are now able to promptly process subscribers' applications by applying the "one contact" principle, provide targeted SMS-information about services and actions, as well as create personalized offers to the customers. Using the Uniform Knowledge Base and the Centralize Document Storage implemented by GMCS based on Microsoft SharePoint the Skylink specialists are now able to quickly find information, for example, about current tariff rates or marketing actions, and send this information to customers using SMS-messages, e-mail or fax. According to Vyacheslav Blinkov, Head of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Project Implementation at Skylink, GMCS, "the project of CRM implementation at Skylink is an example of the integrated approach to the specific customer relationship management solutions for telecommunications companies. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint we were able to create a solution that fully meets the customer's requirements and to lay the basis for its further development."

"The project gave us an opportunity to better understand the needs of our subscribers; this is the keystone of a successful marketing of any company," comments the project results Leonid Savkov, Business Development Director, Skylink. "The opportunities implemented in the system enabling to analyze the subscriber base by different parameter will be used when preparing the tariff policy, planning the marketing actions and loyalty programs."

To date, the Skylink automated customer relationship management system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides services to the customers of the Moscow region. According to Albert Naimushin, Head of Working Group for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Project Implementation at Skylink, "together with GMCS the company plans to implement the support of the new business processes, expand the geography of application of the CRM-system in regional companies, and develop the "one contact" concept and analytical mechanisms of the system."

"The high quality level of the solutions and successful completion of the project within the scheduled time frame have been achieved thanks to the professional work of the Skylink and GMCS joint team," notes Maria Fedulkina, Leading Expert, External Management Company.

About Skylink

Skylink is the first mobile communications service provider of the third generation (3G) in Russia. In 1991, the company was the first operator in the Russian cellular communications market, in 2004 it was the first to introduce the new service – Mobile Internet Service – and 3G-modems. Today, the Skylink branded 3G services are provided in more than 6,000 populated localities in 36 constituent entities of the Russian Federation for more than 1.2 million subscribers. The licensed territory (CDMA+GSM) includes 78 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Services of mobile communications and high-speed Internet access are provided based on the 3G EV-DO technologies (CDMA2000 1X EV-DO). Based on the results of 2009, the Skylink network web traffic volume was over 2,500 terabyte exceeding the total 3G network traffic in the RF by 80%.
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