2 november 2015
Snezhnaya Koroleva extended its service contract with MAYKOR
MAYKOR has announced the extension of a contract with Snezhnaya Koroleva multi-brand shops for cash register equipment services. The outsourcer will provide technical support for cash register equipment at the retailer's stores in Russia for another year.

MAYKOR has provided technical support for the Snezhnaya Koroleva retail network since 2011. The service includes commissioning and repair of cash registers, troubleshooting, software support, user consultation, as well as the entire process of interaction with tax authorities, from registration to deregistration of cash register equipment. The geography of the retail stores extends from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Kaliningrad.

"We have had centralized technical support of outsourcing cash registers for 4 years, with MAYKOR having a single point of accountability for all matters relating to the functioning of cash register equipment. The companies have fine-tuned all processes of interaction and developed optimum requirements for quality of service that the outsourcer provides at quite a high level, and this was the basis for extending the service contract," said Igor Lyapin, Deputy Director of the IT Department at Snezhnaya Koroleva.
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