19 june 2008
Solution for Russia: GMCS localized the SAP system at ROCA Santekhnika
GMCS completed the project for the development of a management information system based on SAP solutions at ROCA Santekhnika, subsidiary of Roca Group. 

As part of this project GMCS consultants completed the localization of the ERP-system of ROCA Santekhnika in full compliance with requirements of Russian bookkeeping and tax legislation. The localized solution will allow the Russian office of Roca Group to use all the advantages of modern SAP technologies for full-flight business in Russia.

The management system was implemented based on the SAP solution at ROCA Santekhnika during the project for the replication of business models in the group's company. GMCS consultants successfully completed the replication, started by Spanish specialists, conducting the works with consideration of the specifics of Russian accounting. As part of this project GMCS consultants completed the localization of fixed asset accounting, re-engineering of the processes of building capital investment value, configuring of original financial statement formats. Special attention was paid to the implementation of tax accounting, including income tax and fixed assets accounting. Parallel automation of bookkeeping and tax accounting ensured the possibility of forming income tax declarations and tax ledgers within the actual ERP system. Additionally GMCS conducted the automation of banking operations thus allowing to substantially simplify this procedure.

As a result of project works ROCA Santekhnika obtained all necessary tools for the preparation of operational and annual reporting according to the standard of Russian legislation, thus allowing to maximally cut period end closing times and receive the most precise indictors of economic activity.

It is planned that the next step in adapting the system will be the localization of the processes of procurement of goods and materials, production and sales of final produce, which are less dependent on legislative requirements. "A fully localized solution will allow us to take advantage of modern management tools offered by SAP," says Larisa Kanareykina, Chief Accountant at ROCA Santekhnika. "Implementation of a management information system based on the SAP solution insured our company’s integration into the Roca business in line with international standards, while the system’s localization ensured correct accounting in compliance with corporate policy and requirements of state controlling authorities."

"Having significant experience in the implementation of similar projects, we have developed a strategy and a certain standard of SAP product localization for Russian offices of international companies," notes Alena Koshkina, Head of the SAP solutions Department. "We used this methodology during the project for the localization of SAP solutions at ROCA Santekhnika as well. The results of this project once again demonstrated the efficiency of practical application of our solution to the localization of SAP processes with account of the requirements of Russian bookkeeping and tax accounting."

About ROCA Santekhnika

ROCA Santekhnika is a subsidiary of the Roca Group corporation, an internationally renowned producer of bathroom equipment. Established in Barcelona (Spain) in 1917, today the company conducts its' activities in 88 countries and employs over 20000 workers across the globe. The best known Roca Group brands in Russia are Jika, Roca and Laufen.

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