25 may 2009
Successful IT-outsourcing by GMCS: results of supporting the Cargill human resource management system
GMCS and Cargill, a leading international supplier of alimentary, agricultural and financial products and services, announce the results of the IT-outsourcing project for the automated human resource management system based on the BOSS-Kadrovik software product. 

The range of services provided as part of this project by the Automated Human Resource Management Systems Department of GMCS since May 2007 includes extended technical support of the BOSS-Kadrovik system, its development and modification, as well as user support. Throughout this time GMCS has been ensuring stable performance of the human resource management system at Cargill, helping adapt BOSS-Kadrovik to the company's requirements and development strategy.

Cargill regional branches have been using BOSS-Kadrovik to solve personnel management tasks since 2003. Based on the company's growing needs, over the years the HRM system has gone through many changes, as a result calling for its professional IT support. In order to minimize the risks related to the system's operation, Cargill top management made the decision to outsource BOSS-Kadrovik support to an external company. After thoroughly examining offers existing on the market the choice was made in favor of GMCS, which aside from implementing comprehensive projects, provides its clients with a full package of IT-outsourcing services for BOSS-Kadrovik software maintenance, carrying out technical support and development of implemented solutions, system administration and user support.

Currently the team of GMCS consultants, formed at Cargill in order to execute the project, carries out comprehensive technical support of the human resource management system remotely. Thanks to its integration with the system of the internal IT-support service of Cargill, GMCS specialists are able to daily monitor BOSS-Kadrovik operation, thus allowing to prevent possible failures in the system's functioning. An advantage of this mode of operation is the possibility of online registration and processing of requests, coming from users, in a single information centre, thanks to which Cargill employees can quickly receive sound feedback on their questions related to the system's operation. Upon the request of the Human Resource Department of Cargill regular joint discussions are carried out with GMCS experts in regard of the changes in Russian legislation related to labor issues.

In total during 2008 as part of the IT-outsourcing project for Cargill GMCS completed a significant volume of works on the development of additional functionality and support of the BOSS-Kadrovik system. As of today Cargill HR specialists have all tools necessary for efficient support of the company’s human resources processes.

"GMCS has been providing reliable support of the performance of the human resources management system at Cargill over a long period of time, developing it in accordance with new business tasks," says Anzhelika Vetlugina, Head of the Human Resources Service at Cargill in the Moscow Region. "We are fully satisfied with the results of our cooperation with GMCS and plan to continue it in the future."

"The project at Cargill is a good example of how a well constructed IT-outsourcing system can allow the client to receive high quality support services," notes Oleg Kotov, Head of the Automated Human Resource Management Systems Department at GMCS. "Our department plans to actively develop our IT-outsourcing practice using accumulated experience and expertise to efficiently solve tasks that our clients are faced with – both existing and potential."

About Cargill

Cargill is an international supplier of alimentary, agricultural and financial products and services. The company employs 153 000 workers in 66 countries of the world. Cargill started operating in Russia in 1991 by opening a representative office in Moscow.
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