18 march 2013
Supplies management in mining industry became easier with the GMCS solution
The Microsoft Corporation registered the special CRM-solution of GMCS for mining industry.

The solution expands the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and provides a set of tools for effective management of complex processes that are connected with suppliers relations management for tender, as well as for controlling supplies campaign of a company.

The specialist of the supplies and planning office will find additional option in the solution for organization of more effective territory-expanded supplies process in accordance with the specific of the mining industry. Firstly, it is consolidation and centralized management of the whole range of relations with suppliers in the different branches and document flow, associated with it. Besides, the solution users get the flexible tool for tracking and analyzing of each tender’s status, forming of the sustainable suppliers’ pool and storing received applications and the history of made decisions.

The procedure of supplies management with the GMCS solution became transparent and clear, users do not spend the time on routine operations, but concentrates on the quality and efficacy of their work, and the chief-managers will always have full and actual pictures of the work results. Invitation mail out to the certain suppliers is carried automatically. Application acceptance is carried through email messages for certain suppliers’ and tenders’ groups. Thhe package of the necessary document for tender board’s session, including received application from suppliers, autopsy protocols and other documents is also formed automatically on the base of pre-configured templates.

The special monitoring panels allow to track quickly tender work both in the scale of the whole company and in detail for certain branch, specialist or contest. The control of key tender dates (terms of completion of application assignment, decision making and others.) is carried through the setting of electronic mail out mechanism.

"The solution provides informational and technical support of supplies management processes for mining industry. It is significantly that the advantages if platform Microsoft Dynamics CRM such as flexibility and simplicity of settings, the huge basic functionality and the short terms of implementation allows to adapt easily to the processes of other industries or expand functionality," said Svetlana Gudkova, Director of CRM-Department in GMCS.

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM could easily solve such task as supplies management that is the central not only for mining companies but for other industries. The usage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows to make process of cooperation within procurement procedures more convenient, transparent and clear for the all participants that effects vastly on the business in its entirety," noticed Oksana Kruglova, CRM Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft in Russia.

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