23 january 2014
Supported by MAYKOR cash register stations in Svyaznoy stores work smoothly
MAYKOR, a Russian nationwide provider of IT and Business Process Outsourcing, ensures seamless operation of equipment in all Russian stores of the Svyaznoy Group, the Russia's biggest independent multi-channel federal-scale retail chain. Professional technical support provided by MAYKOR has minimized failures and ensured sustainable operation of cash registers and payment terminals even at peak load times.

Almost 400 million purchases have been made in Svyaznoy chain stores in 9 months of 2013 and that is why it is critical for the company to make sure that all components of the retail business work as reliable as possible. One of the key point in organization of retail business process is uninterruptible operation of cash register stations and all equipment located there.

When selecting its providers Svyaznoy reviews experience, knowledge and capabilities possessed by companies that, in addition to their ability to maintain the equipment operational, can ensure high level of services, including prompt response to potential malfunctions, fast troubleshooting and recovery. That is exactly why Svyaznoy selected MAYKOR as its primary service partner in Russia.

To expedite processing of customers' requests and streamlining interaction with its stores Svyaznoy and MAYKOR integrated their Service Desk systems.

In the framework of this cooperation MAYKOR maintains operability of cash registers in Svyaznoy stores, performs commissioning of the equipment, activates and replaces electronic control taped and covers other services related to payment terminals.

In all regions of Russia work is performed by MAYKOR's own service network consisting of 83 branches and 400 service units.

"Every day more than 2 million people come to our stores, so seamless operation of cash registers and payment terminals is an important component of retail chain operation. The equipment shall be operational and work properly at all times. We engaged MAYKOR to handle our servicing since qualification of the company's specialists and its value proposition suits us well. MAYKOR's professional support helps maintaining high level of services we offer to visitors of our stores," points out Alexandr Volnov, Director for Management of Svyaznoy Retail Chain.

About Svyaznoy 

Svyaznoy ("Svyasnoy Logistics") is the Russia's biggest independent multi-channel nationwide retail chain. It launched its operations in Russia in 1995. Today 3,458 stores of the chain that operate in Russia and Belarus are visited by 2 million customers daily. In addition to mobile phones and cell phone operator's services, the following categories of merchandise are available in Svyasnoy stores: mobile computers (notebooks, netbooks, tablets), Internet access devices (modems), photo and video equipment, accessories.

Svyaznoy offers extended range of services, including additional warranties for mobile devices, tune-up and installation of applications, payments for Internet access, digital TV and utilities.

Svyaznoy retail chain also offers financial services, in particular it issues credit cards and cash credits, provides insurance, takes deposits, processes money transfers, loan payments, makes arrangement for non-governmental pension funds.

Internet store Svyaznoy is one of the biggest players in online retail with a turnover of 10.9 billion rubles (based on results of 9 months of 2013), offering various gadgets and services, e.g. opening credits for purchases.

Svyaznoy is a leader in sales of smart phones and tablet PCs with its share of 29% and 13% of the total sales in the country in monetary terms (according to the results of 9 months of 2013).

The Svyaznoy Club customer loyalty bonus program is the greatest loyalty coalition program in the country with 18 million participants.

In 2013 Svyaznoy once again made the list of 400 biggest companies in Russia by sales. The ranking, compiled by rating agency Expert, listed Svyaznoy in the first hundred of ranked companies in front of all its direct competitors.

According to consulting agency Interbrand the company is in the list of top 40 best brands in Russia.

The company was founded by Maksim Nogotkov.
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