16 august 2012
Svetlana Gudkova is appointed to the Director of the CRM Department in GMCS
The company announced the appointment of Svetlana Gudkova as Director of CRM Department in GMCS.

The main focus of the Svetlana's work will aim to develop CRM-practice of the company, to enter new markets, and to create new strategic partnerships. Today the CRM Department of GMCS offers the market a number of sectoral and universal solutions. There are a solution for the automation of the contact center of telecommunication companies, the solution to manage bids and projects for public institutions, the solution to manage bidding campaigns for oil and gas and mining sectors, solutions for tendering and contracting work. GMCS has a gold competency in the Microsoft Partner Program working with Customer Relationship Management, and is the best partner in the telecommunications industry with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (according to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Awards 2009-2010).

"Business is waiting for the IT community fundamentally different in terms of functional scope and scale of CRM-tools. My experience in building of the integrated solutions will be used to create new functional and industry CRM-solutions for the implementation on the various markets on the basis of the GMCS expertise and resources," said Svetlana Gudkova.

"We feel the need of enterprise customers to add the solution with the new opportunities for making customer relationship management. The main objective of Svetlana as a professional with years of experience will be to expand the CRM-practice in the new industries and integrate new solutions, and also introduce the solutions for the international market. Today, a number of exciting new projects is implementing under her leadership, and we have no doubt that the department received a powerful impetus to the development will contribute to achieving the ambitious objectives", President of GMCS Catherine Voropayeva commented on the appointment.

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