3 april 2014
Svyaznoy Bank Delegated Printing and Technical Support of its Computers to MAYKOR
Svyaznoy Bank contracted MAYKOR, a Russian nationwide provider of IT  and Business Process Outsourcing, to service its office equipment.

MAYKOR is tasked to make the technical support quality standard at more than 450 automated workplaces in all branches of the bank, as well as in its headquarters. Another outsourcing service the bank will be provided with is copy printing.

This contract is an example of the integrated approach to outsourcing: the bank will receive a single point of entry for solution of all technical issues related to printing documents and operation of its employee's computers.

"Today the bank operation depends, among other factors, on efficient operation of IT infrastructure. Consolidation of outsourcing for printing and IT support in a single contract enables rapidly growing banks to optimize their OPEX and improve reliability of IT systems," said Vladimir Volkov, MAYKOR VP for Key Accounts.

About Svyaznoy Bank 

Svyaznoy Bank is a young company with the mission of increasing the share of electronic payments in the domestic economy. Svyaznoy Bank emerged in the Russian banking market in 2010 through partnership of the Svyaznoy Group of companies and Promtorgbank. In order to develop retail business the banks uses the Svyaznoy Group's infrastructure (that includes more than 3000 mobile communication centers throughout Russia, training centers and logistics systems). The bank is focused on card products and offers their clients to use remote bank services to manage their accounts. Svyaznoy Bank is in the list of top 50 Russian retail banks and top 10 banks by size of credit portfolio. At this time Svyaznoy Bank serves more than 2 million customers.

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