28 may 2008
Synterra chose GMCS as a partner
GMCS is implementing an automated management system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX for the Synterra national cell service provider.

GMCS became executor of the project as a result of a competition held by Synterra at the end of April 2008. The expertise and experience of GMCS in creating enterprise management information systems for telecommunications companies were the deciding factors for Synterra when selecting the partner. Moreover, the quality of GMCS work was proved to Synterra by means of a project carried out by the integrator at PeterStar, which is a subsidiary of the client.

The goal of the project at Synterra was to create an efficient system for the management of the operator's financial resources. The new management system is aimed at ensuring bookkeeping, tax and managerial accounting within a unified information space by simplifying interaction between the company's departments, as well as remote subdivisions and branches. Consolidation of financial and statistical information on the operational activities of the operator will allow to effectively analyze and fully evaluate the existing situation, and help the company's management take a more weighted approach to strategic decision making. Construction of the system involves integration with the company's CRM solution.

"We are continuing the automation of the company's business-processes, says Vitaliy Selezen, Director general of Synterra. Significant increase of business turnover requires management to take steps towards retaining transparence of managerial processes in due time and taking the growing business to a brand new level. It is planned to launch the system into industrial operation in October 2008."

Synterra group of companies unites service providers and includes the following companies: Synterra, PeterStar, Global Teleport, EuroTel, TeleportSPb and a number of regional cell service providers operating on the telecommunications market since 1992.

About Synterra

Synterra is part of the PromSvyazCapital Group. The company employs a total of over 2000 workers. The group has office in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Murmansk, Kaliningrad, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Volgodonsk, Rostov, Kazan, Samara, Pskov, Petrozavodsk, Novgorod Velikiy, Vyborg, Tomsk and Voronezh.

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