3 october 2008
The GMCS secret to managing NAVGEOCOM sales processes
GMCS completed works on implementing a system of customer relations management at NAVGEOCOM, which specializes in topographic and geodesic works of all levels of difficulty using cutting edge technologies and professional equipment. 

The information system implemented by GMCS based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution provides centralized sales and marketing campaign management, assists the development of interregional business of the client company.

A unified methodology was used during the implementation, thus ensuring high-quality results of the project in just three months and technological support of the concept of the CRM solution. GMCS consultants, with extensive aid from the client's project group, implemented the information system with account of the company's business logic, which will allow NAVGEOCOM to further expand the system's features alongside the growth of the regional network.

As part of the implemented project, processes of managing both federal and regional sales and marketing campaigns were automated. Moreover, GMCS consultants developed additional system components and implemented the "Specification management" module. The GMCS project team conducted data migration from the system previously used by the client to the new CRM system and set up the user interface.

As a result of completed works the client obtained a fully-featured information space for the storage of customer data and the history of interaction with them. Today, the CRM system is a universal channel of communication between the headquarters and regional offices of the company. The users – NAVGEOCOM governing bodies and managers – have the possibility to access resources of the automated system from anywhere in Russia using an external access path.

At the moment the information system of customer relations management at NAVGEOCOM is already launched into industrial operation, with all 11 branches connected to it. With the support of GMCS the company also plans to replicate the implemented solution at its other businesses.

"The implemented CRM system supports the functioning of all sales and marketing departments of our company. Today we are able to have effective influence over the course of transactions, control and correct the actions of managers, especially regional managers, who previously experienced difficulties when conducting transactions," says Alexei Dronov, Head of the Geodesic Equipment Sales Department at NAVGEOCOM. "The actual procedure of the work of managers has been simplified:  routine manual operations decreased, the possibility was introduced of remote access to the existing data business through the Internet."

"Bringing together our expertise  in the field of CRM system implementation and the knowledge of the particularities of their business of key employees of the client company, we were able to successfully implement the solution," notes Vladimir Gal, Head of the CRM Division of the Microsoft Solutions department at GMCS. "We also created all necessary conditions for further development of the information system, including its full-featured migration to the next version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product."


NAVGEOCOM conducts implementationof cutting-edge world technologies of cutting material and time costs of manufacturers when carrying out topographic and geodesic works. The company's services include development and adaptation of technologies to suit the client's specific tasks, supply of modern geodesic equipment and its technical maintenance, training clients' personnel.

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