22 may 2014
The pharmaceutical company POLYSAN moved to Infor LN supported by GMCS

GMCS, a subsidiary of MAYKOR, announced about successful implementation of the information management system based on Infor LN for STPF POLYSAN – one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Russia. Complex management system with automated processes of quality control corresponds to GMP standards. The system allows POLYSAN to increase business effectiveness and compete successfully on the domestic and international markets.

POLYSAN uses Infor solutions for many years. The launch of the second line as a part of creation of a pharmaceutical cluster in St. Petersburg brought POLYSAN to upgrade its management system. The tasks are to optimize current and implement new business processes, as well as build a unified business processes through the entire complex of operated information systems.

Rather than to upd ate individual settings made ??during the operation POLYSAN decided to create a qualitatively new system using advanced functionality of Infor LN. GMCS was attracted to these works.

Today POLYSAN uses the following functionality available on a new platform Infor LN: management of production and planning, warehouse, logistics and sales. There are advanced features for managing specialized functions (for example, recording uniform, controlling promotional materials). And new business processes - treasury and service management (maintenance and repair of engineering and technical equipment). The customer got the reformed accounting system and possibility to go to reporting in IFRS.

"Contemporary and precise information on business processes is an obligatory condition for the successful functioning of a modern pharmaceutical enterprise," said Yevgeny Kardash, Executive Director of POLYSAN, "It is connected with the industry specificity and numerous regulations. Migration to Infor LN allowed us to increase significantly management effectiveness. Evidenced by the fact that we have kept the number of managerial staff at the same level, while increasing production by five times. It is also important to have a stepped description of the operational procedures, and to set up a menu of operators for specific roles. This allowed to conduct faster user training, reduce our dependence on personal skills and capabilities of staff. But the most importantly is that we have created a business processes map to support business in the 24 \ 365 mode".

"Together with GMCS we managed to get a long way from private improvements to a full branch solution containing all the necessary functionality for the management of modern production of finished medicines," added Inga Albot, Head of development, implementation and maintenance of software, POLYSAN, "It is important to note that the ERP system supports not only for operational business processes, but also allows to obtain intelligence in key areas and functions. Today Infor LN is the core of our management system, the other components are WMS system based on Infor SCM WM, salary and personnel and other systems."

"POLYSAN’s solution has everything you need to control the quality of incoming raw materials and manufactured products at all stages, with the automatic generation of a complete set of documents, as well as the formation of products and orders within each series, that might be interesting to other pharmaceutical companies," noted Lyudmila Sokolskaya, Director of Infor solutions, GMCS.

"Provision of the necessary vertical functionality is one of the basic principles of Infor’s strategy," said Dmitry Martynov, Regional Manager of Infor in cooperation with partners in Russia and the CIS, "Thus, we enable our customers to upgrade easily the existing platform as BAAN IV, preserving industry functionality that is part of the standard system. Successful migration to new versions promotes that many large companies such as POLYSAN abandon outdated versions and move to Infor LN to automate key business processes." 


Nowadays POLYSAN ranks among the leaders of pharmaceutical industry in Russia and takes constant care of application of science and state-of-the-art technology achievements to production aiming further improvement of output quality.

At present the preparations produced by POLYSAN are in the list of the most demanded products on pharmaceutical market of Russia. The product range includes prescribed preparations: correctors of the immune status and antioxidants, along with new prospective medicinal preparations.

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