23 april 2013
Thinking of… Building of a smart utility?
Worldwide, the energy and utilities industry, traditionally a conservative sector, is undergoing massive change.

A new typo of utility is arising, and it can no longer be supported by old monolithic technologies. Belgian company Ferranti Computer Systems, a vendor of MECOMSTM, certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX, has recently published a book with the name "Thinking of…Building a smart utility?". The book came out under the direction of Dirk Michiels, CEO Ferranti Computer Systems, and, actually, is the practical manual for the effective management of the smart utility.

The book describes the ten main topics, beginning with the introduction to the utility sector – what it is, what its features are – and ending with the role of utility companies and people, including costumers. As Roberta Bigliani, Head of Europe Middle East&Africa, IDC Energy Insights, said: "this book suggests a valuable approach: regardless your company’s role, business or IT, take a holistic view and start asking yourself why, what and how."

The author gets to the heart of the complex mechanism of utility services. The focus is on the improvement of customer service and, thus, reduction of cost maintenance.

"Economic and social challenges in global world require changing of how managers of utility companies are thinking, and communicate each other with help of IT technologies. This book is a must-read for those who is looking for pragmatic approach overcoming challenges utility companies are facing now. Matters, discussed in this book, will guide through a maze of words about smart utility before reader will find individual practical way of how IT can do utility company smarter," noticed the Vice-president of GMCS, Oleg Lysov.

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