21 july 2014
TOGAS comes to a single platform of business management

Group of companies TOGAS, the market leader in the Russian textiles, comes to a unified platform of business management based on SAP for Retail with the support of GMCS (a subsidiary MAYKOR). As part of a comprehensive project GMCS will automate key processes of successful business of the Greek brand in Russia, from production at the own factories and finishing with wholesale and retail sales.

TOGAS, one of the largest European textile manufacturers, entered the Russian market in 1993 and today has a network of its own factories, warehouses for finished products, VIP-studio and a network of boutiques across the country. The assortment includes more than 3000 kinds of products (textiles and accessories for the home, hotels, etc.) and is continually expanding.

A new unified platform allows TOGAS to reduce costs associated with the use of previous solutions, improve efficiency and transparency of management, and also get the benefits offered by SAP for the textile industry. Among them is the ability to take into account the specific requirements of individual customers and to produce unique products with specified characteristics for them. This will give the manufacturer more opportunities in work with individual orders.

GMCS’ solution will cover the following processes: purchase of raw materials, goods and services, production (mass production and for the order, working with design studios), wholesale and retail sales through its network of boutiques, including integration with store management system, warehouse. In particular, experts of GMCS will develop a custom application based on SAP solutions for mobile terminals of warehouse specialists, which will improve the account accuracy of finished products, reduce the time to ship products in large supermarkets and in its own stores. The ??financial management includes the opportunity to conduct accounting in the International Accounting Standards (IAS).

"Migration to SAP ensures a robust business platform for the next few years, the use of which will allow us to implement our plans of development, maintain the highest quality products to our customers, expand product proposal, open new stores at a lower cost," said Kostas Sotiropoulos, CIO of TOGAS in Russia.

It is expected that the new platform will be put into operation in the amount of the basic processes by the end of this year.

"The project is unique, because the goal is to automate several types of production and retail sales in a single solution with closer integration among these units. And all this must be done in a fairly short time. Given the high level of professionalism of the project team and the customer interest in the end result, we are confident in the success of the project," said Andrey Sapozhkov, Director of SAP solutions, GMCS.


TOGAS is the leader in Russian market for interiors textiles.

For more than 80 years we develop and improve our business, allowing us to become one of the leading manufacturers of textile design in the world. At the same time, Togas remains a family business, which bears the name of its owner since its beginning.

In 1991 the company entered the international market and a year later became one of Greece’s leading exporters on home textiles. In 1993, Togas opened its representative office in Moscow, as well as its own network of stores in Athens under the brand Aslanis Home. 

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