25 may 2016
Top Managers of MAYKOR Received International Certificates of Outsourcing Professionals
Three top managers at MAYKOR confirmed their status as outsourcing industry experts at the global level by receiving Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) certificates from the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). Thus, MAYKOR is among the leading Russian companies by the number of industry professionals who are certified to international standards.

Pavel Rastopshin, Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Operations, Anton Likhachev, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Investments, and Ivan Vetryak, Director of Technical Presale Department successfully passed certification.

“Only eight people hold Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) certificates in Russia today. Three of them are MAYKOR representatives, which confirms its leadership in the Russian outsourcing market and presence of the necessary knowledge and experience to successfully manage and deliver services based on the best international practices,” noted Pavel Rastopshin.

“Keeping up with changes in the field and implementing best practices is critical to outsourcing success, which is why the value of the COP designation is immeasurable as it is the industry recognized standard of competence and professionalism,” said Dana Corbett, IAOP Director of Research, Training and Certification. “Being a COP is a differentiator and a career enhancer. We are thrilled to recognize MAYKOR’s leadership and to welcome them into the COP family.”

Certified Outsourcing Professional is a certification program for industry professionals of IAOP. To obtain a certificate, a candidate for outsourcing master must have several years of work experience in outsourcing, attend a special course from IAOP, and pass an exam.
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