9 april 2002
Tsaritsyno launches Business Planning module developed by GMCS
Tsaritsyno migrated operation of Planning and Commercial Departments to Baan ERP system on the basis of a customized software module developed by GMCS.

As a result the company obtained a complete enterprise management system enabling business plan simulation for the whole enterprise, estimate it in terms of a prognosis of financial results, balance sheet, cash flow and financial/economical performance, and conduct daily supervision of implementation of a plan approved. 

Presently Tsaritsyno is a site for the most full scale introductions of an ERP system. During every-day operation Baan ERP is used by accounting and planning departments, production plants, commodity and materials purchase, storage and flow. 

About Tsaritsyno

Tsaritsyno Complex is four modern meat processing plants with daily production of 350 tons and the range including about 350 meat products. In the last years the Russian Association of Businessmen and Entrepreneurs has been repeatedly awarding the company with special Steadily High Results award.
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