3 june 2004
TTK entrusted GMCS to create ERP system on the base of Microsoft Dynamics

The project involves the implementation of standard modules of Microsoft Axapta and GMCS' own industry-specific developments.

The system will cover planning, analysis and accounting under both Russian and international standards. Integration with a billing system and electronic document management will improve enterprise management performance and ensure the prompt receipt of reliable information.

By implementing ERP system TTK expects to obtain additional business development opportunities and competitive advantages as a result of business processes optimization and creation of decision making support mechanisms.

A system and a solution provider was selected on the basis of a tender announced in spring 2004. After the detailed analysis of bids, TTK selected Microsoft Axapta as an ERP system and GMCS, as a solution provider. GMCS is a partner of Microsoft Business Solutions. Major factors determining the contractor selection were the experience on the market and a number of successful projects implemented in telecommunications. A specific requirement was the experience in development and further support of large distributed systems.

"In conditions of rapid business development, an extensive network of regional enterprises, continuous growth in the number of customers and range of innovative services, our company strives to implement a unified approach to management," said Sergey Lipatov, President of TTK. "For that purpose, we require a modern resource management system. And, we are confident that it will bring a positive effect."

Completion of work under automated management system development project for TTK is scheduled for January 2005.

About TransTeleCom Company

TransTeleCom Company (TTK) was incorporated in 1997. Its sole shareholder is JSC Russian Railways owning the 100% share in TransTeleCom's authorized capital. TTK is an operator of Russia's largest fiber optic telecom network over 45,000 km long. The network laid along the country's railroad network, it has over 900 access points in 71 of 89 regions of Russia and connects the two continents: Europe and Asia.

Today TransTeleCom Company is a dynamically growing business successively expanding its range of innovative telecommunication services, promptly reacting to ever-growing market needs. Presently the company has implemented the large scope of telecom projects for production and commercial facilities, large financial and insurance companies, and governmental agencies. 

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