18 august 2008
Turnkey solution: GMCS adapted Infor ERP LN for Neva Cable
GMCS launched the enterprise management system of Neva Cable, a subsidiary of the lage Dutch industrial alliance Draka into pilot operation. 

During the works GMCS consultants adapted the management system implemented on the basis of Infor ERP LN (Baan IV) to the client’s needs with account of existing Russian legislation and corporate standards of the Draka Holding Company.

At Neva Cable the Infor ERP LN solution was implemented as part of the replication of Draka’s corporate management system in Russia. At first, GMCS consultants were just going to implement the financial module, as well as optimize business processes of the plant for production and logistics in compliance to requirements of Russian legislation. The pilot launch showed incoordination of operation of certain modules of the new management system, which complicated unified consolidated reporting. As a result Draka IT specialists with support of Neva Cable management, interested in the rapid launch of the system into operation, handed a part of their work over to GMCS consultants.

The GMCS project group implemented the possibility to receive consolidated reporting by both Russian and international standards, including IAS standards in the system. GMCS consultants also solved tasks of developing the chart of accounts and accounting methodology, calculating payables and receivables, cost accounting, cash assets accounting, fixed assets accounting. In terms of logistics GMCS consultants ensured automatic forming of orders for procurement, sales and production. 

As a result of the implementation of the management system based on Infor ERP LN the plant’s management can obtain all necessary managerial information online and use it to adopt timely and valid business decisions. Draka shareholders have also received the possibility t conduct operational control over the activities if the subsidiary thanks to the management information system, which is unified for the parent company and Neva Cable. "With the launch of the system our company now disposes of a powerful tool for receiving full data on main business processes in due time. Moreover, we view implementation of the management system based on Infor ERP LN together with our own developments as a strategic advantage over other market participants," says Elena Fokicheva, Financial Director at Neva Cable. Development of our information system shall be fully completed right after the transfer of data from previously operating subsystems based on Infor ERP LN.

"The project implemented at Neva Cable allows to dispel the myth about Infor ERP LN based systems being slightly one-sided, with many people wrongly believing that they are implemented at Russian enterprises solely for the automation of production accounting and logistics. At Neva cable we used Infor ERP LN, mainly in order to solve tasks of automating financial and managerial accounting," notes Tamara Melniychuk, Head of the Consulting Division of the Infor Products Department at GMCS. 

About Neva Cable

Neva Cable is the largest producer of exchange and auxiliary switch cables in Russia. The annual sales turnover of the production enterprise totals over 20 mln Euros. In 2005 Neva Cable was acquired by the large Dutch industrial alliance Draka. Today manufacture is based on imported equipment and modern technologies used on Draka plants.

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