12 february 2013
Ufa Engine Industrial Association improves efficacy of titanium and aluminum castings with innovative planning system
Within modernization of high-technology production Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) optimizes planning processes of titanium and aluminum castings for aircraft engine production.

In accordance with the decision of United Engine Corporation (ODK) the aluminum and titanium casting production for the whole industry will be on the base of UMPO. At the moment it is forming a center of technology competence (CTK AT), conducting prepare works for government expertise and reconstruction of production areas and equipment procurement.

One of the main tasks is improvement of planning efficacy at the different levels with implementation of the high-tech automated system. "At the end of 2015 it is planned to produce nearly 1.5 thousand positions of titanium alloy castings instead of 200 positions produced today. In 2016 UMPO's output would provide 100% demand of ODK in aluminum and titanium castings. At that moment, the enterprise will have operating system of casting production planning," said Sergei P.Pavlinich, Deputy General Director of ODK, Technical Director of UMPO.

During the joint project Ufa State Aviation Technical University (UGATU) and GMCS completed elaborating and setting a demonstration model of operational planning of titanium casting part. As a technological platform it was chosen an innovating product Enterprise Optimizer™. During live demonstration UMPO's specialists could learn abilities of the system to manage month, week and day planning of titanium casting in accordance with the main functional roles. Sergei P.Pavlinich noticed that they "learned abilities of the offered planning system on the base of Enterprise Optimizer™ and decided to use these innovations in the nearest time."

At the addition to the model of operating planning GMCS specialists offered to design medium-term model of size-scheduling foundry based on Enterprise Optimizer ™. This will demonstrate to UMPO how the company can significantly reduce the time of preparation and execution of new business through the optimal choice of the method of preparation of production and maximize capacity utilization and minimize costs per unit of output. Thus, in the long term will be able to automate the planning of the UMPO foundry at all levels of management.

"UMPO demonstrates the growing demand of foundries and factories in the transition from traditional planning to usage of the new business tools to optimize costs and capacity utilization. Possibility of integrated planning systems can dramatically change the view of the company on its production. And even company could find hidden opportunities for growth and competitiveness of the enterprise and products on the market without increasing costs," said Leonid Makarovsky, the Head of SCM, GMCS.

About Ufa Engine Industrial Association

Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) is a leader in production aircraft engines in Russia. The history of the company dates back to 1925. About 20 000 employees work for the high quality of engines at our production sites. The company produces, serves and repairs aircraft engines as well as industrial gas turbines and helicopter units. Ufa engines power Russian military aircrafts all over the world. We produce engines for Su-27, Su-30 and Su-25 aircraft families.

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