30 june 2015
“Unchildish” project: Korablik updated ERP system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX with the support of MAYKOR-GMCS

Korablik, a retail chain for children, has launched a new management system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with the support of MAYKOR-GMCS. The retailer has received a tool to maintain the high business performance in the new market challenges.

Korablik is one of the most effectively developing retailers in the market of children's goods. Following intensive development model, the retailer aims to optimize the core business processes. Implementation of a new management system was a logical step in the company's strategy.

"Korablik has 160 stores in Moscow and Central region; we are opening new stores annually and actively developing online sales. Appropriate IT technologies allow supporting this dynamic business. We use Microsoft solutions to manage key business processes - from management accounting to formation of analytical reports. As the project result, we have gone from accounting functions to automated treasury and the required reports within a single platform," says Robert Sardarian, CIO of Korablik. "I'd like to mention that we have found a reliable partner. Work with MAYKOR-GMCS is interesting and comfortable. Now, we are developing mobile solutions for store managers together with MAYKOR-GMCS."

The updated system automates the following business processes: bookkeeping and management accounting, various types of taxes (VAT, income tax, property tax, transport, etc.), treasury using the components of MAYKOR-GMCS solution. The system supports the whole scheme of payment movement and control, from the payment initiation, its agreement by responsible personnel through the approved routes with e-mail notifications to the document formation and payment transfer to a system "Client-Bank".

The solution also provides an opportunity to obtain operational, analytical and regulated reporting, including under IFRS as a part of strategic management.

"A feature of retail sales is the constantly developing IT infrastructure and a variety of information systems from multiple vendors. We have developed an integration bus for data exchange between ERP systems and systems of goods turnover, loyalty and cash equipment management. In the future, it will allow Korablik to integrate successfully Microsoft Dynamics AX and other systems," adds Denis Timoshenko, Business Director of MAYKOR-GMCS.

About Korablik:

Korablik is a leading store chain for children. The history of Korablik traces its roots to 1999 when the first store of children's goods was opened near the Marino metro station. Today, there are more than 160 shops in Moscow region and nearby cities.

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