12 august 2011
Unique CRT Service offer for weighing equipment maintenance
CRT Service, a part of the MAYKOR Group, has come up with an exclusive integrated service plan for weighing equipment, also providing for the issue of verification certificates by regional centers for standardization and metrology (FGU CSM) in all constituent entities of Russia.

The service is in particular demand in the retail and restaurant business sector.

CRT Service performs verification measurements using the mass calibration system ARMP-MERA-D in compliance with the methodology approved by the Metrological Service Research Institute (FGUP VNIIMS).

The measurements are automatically logged. If verification results are positive, the scales receive a verification mark as either a stamp of a sticker, and a FGU CSM verification certificate. If calibration results are used for verification purposes, an additional calibration stamp is applied.

The service is available for the following equipment: standard weighing scales, label printing scales, cash register scales, weighing and labeling systems, platform scales. CRT Service guarantees high quality of service for all weighing equipment, regardless of manufacturer. With a great resource base and remote verification technology at their disposal, CRT Service engineers perform all weighing equipment servicing operations right on-site as quickly as possible.

CRT Service work quality is guaranteed by:

— Russian calibration accreditation in compliance with the regulations
— License to perform weighing equipment servicing in 74 constituent entities of the Russian Federation
— Servicing accreditation from leading equipment manufacturers
— Collaboration with regional FGU CSMs and FGU «Rostest-Moscow»

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