6 march 2008
VTB 24 personnel management automated by GMCS, MOLGA, and REDLAB
GMCS in partnership with MOLGA and REDLAB begins implementing an SAP automated personnel management system at VTB 24, a leading Russian retail bank. 

The system will be based on SAP Human Capital Management and will embrace the entire 343-branch bank network. The goal of the project is to bring the bank's personnel management to a completely new level of quality. With the SAP system VTB 24 will increase automation of its key personnel management business processes, organizational structure management, and finance and tax reporting. The business solution with its new functionality will improve personnel accounting, work hours registration, payroll and bonuses calculation, organizational structure design, staff numbers planning, and motivation.

SAP implementation project will also include integration of the new system with existing and new IT solutions of VTB 24. The project group will develop data exchange interfaces with the banking system, the Intranet, and several other IT systems of the bnak. In HR, the project team will coordinate the system with the existing selection, training, and appraisal tools the bank is using already.

The project is carried out by a joint team of VTB 24 and GMCS, MOLGA, and REDLAB. The bank's team includes representatives of HR and corporate development, accounting and reporting, IT, and branch network departments. GMCS acts as the general contract that supervises and coordinates automation activity of the HR department. MOLGA and REDLAB experts develop the architecture of the solution and implement the systems functional modules.

The VTB 24 automated system will embrace some 200 work stations at the headquarters and regional branches of the bank.

The launch of the system is planned for the second half of 2008.

About VTB 24

VTB 24  a leading Russian bank and part of the international VTB banking group bank, specializes in services for private customers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. The bank has over 200 branches and additional offices in large Russian cities.
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