21 april 2010
VTB 24 automated their HR management system dased on SAP ERP HCM
VTB 24, Russia's second largest retail bank, completed the work on deployment of the uniform automated HRM system based on SAP ERP HCM that serves the VTB 24 Head Office and its 7 basic branches all across the country. 

GMCS was the Project’s General Contractor. The deployment of the full-featured Personnel Management System became an important part of the VTB 24 corporate strategy. Established in 2005, VTB 24 shortly became a retail banking leader. While expanding its geography and increasing its business volumes, the bank opened new branches and points of sales. Consequently, the staff was growing too comprising around 18,000 officers today. The task of the project that started in the end of 2007 was to automate the main business processes of the bank in the field of personnel management, organizational structure and payroll accounting. The SAP ERP HCM solution was chosen as a tool to solve the task.

The project was implemented by the VTB 24 specialists in collaboration with GMCS, MOLGA Consulting and REDLAB/REDCENTER. Being the Project’s General Contractor, GMCS together with MOLGA Consulting and REDLAB/REDCENTER developed the solution and implemented the system function modules, and coordinated the works on the deployment of the HR-system of the bank at all the stages.

The project team specialists automated the following functional areas: organizational management, personnel administration, personal accounting, job time accounting, job index, personnel cost planning, payroll accounting, preparation of corporate reporting, reporting for governmental authorities, as well as motivation and incentive management.

The created Personnel Management System considers the particularities of the VTB 24 HR-management. In accordance with the customer’s requirements, the GMCS, MOLGA Consulting and REDLAB/REDCENTER specialists implemented a mechanism enabling to account salaries for the same day on which the job time is accounted. In addition, a complicated task of the automation of the multi-level pay grade system used in VTB 24 was solved.

"The personnel have always been the main value of VTB 24. Therefore, we consider the management tool in the form of the SAP ERP HCM-based automated system as an important competitive advantage," says Natalia Travnikova, VTB24 HR-Director commenting the project results. "The new system enables to manage the entire complex of the HR-processes from personnel data maintenance to strategic personnel management."

The new SAP ERP HCM-based Personnel Management System of the bank is operated by 200 users already. The implementation of the system enabled to reduce temporary and permanent labor costs upon payroll accounting and preparation of reporting for governmental authorities.

"The implementation of the personnel management project based on the SAP ERP HCM system enabled VTB 24 to take the personnel management processes and payroll accounting to a new level of quality, and laid the basis for future development of the SAP system at the bank," adds Natalia Tataurova, Project Manager on the part of VTB 24.

"The SAP Human Capital Management Solution (SAP ERP HCM) automates the main fields of planning and financial activities of the credit organization. We believe that using this tool, VTB 24 will be able to implement its ambitious plans to increase its banking services share in the Russian market through the professional personnel management and motivation," says Vera Kuts, FIS Department Director, SAP CIS.

"The project for VTB 24 is distinguished not only in terms of geographic and functional scale and high methodological maturity, but also because it is a model of the up-to-date project management," notes Andrei Sapozhkov, SAP Solutions Department Director at the GMCS Company. "The integration of expertise and proprietary practices of the contractor companies, the knowledge and experience of the bank’s specialists enabled to get the HR-solution that fully meets our customer's requirements."

In return, Yuri Korol, Partner at MOLGA Consulting, also mentioned the high level of the project organization and said, in particular that "the joint work for the important customer required all of us to work accurately and cohesively as one team. We developed the system architecture, personnel administration aspects under the project. We are proud of our contribution to the common cause. I’m sure this collaboration experience of our teams will be in demand in future."

About VTB 24

VTB 24, the second largest retail bank in Russia, with US$24 billion in assets, 4.5 million clients and a network of almost 500 branches throughout the country.
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