24 april 2013
When CRM is fun!
One of the largest furniture producers in Russia – Maria strengthens the interaction with customers and partners using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The project is implemented by GMCS.

The main principle of the furniture factory Maria is an individual approach to each client, and its motto is: "We help our customers to feel they are happy and successful people who value their time." This is confirmed not only in words but also in actions: in 2011 the factory was awarded with the "National Brand" in the "Kitchen Furniture".

The project is directed, on one side, to provide for numerous partners of the furniture factory – more than 280 partner companies in 150 cities of Russia – a single tool to complete the work with clients on key aspects of the interaction: taking orders, billing, and paperwork. In particular, it will be organized a comfortable working space for a manager-designer of the furniture factory's partner with the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In the CRM-system it will be configured capabilities to plan actions related to the services (phone calls, appointments, tasks, etc.), and monitor their timely execution.

The effort required to prepare and print the standard documents (contracts, certificates, supplemental agreements, etc.), as well as to perform other routine operations will be down.

On the other side, the project allows to increase the effectiveness of work of the factory's employees. This will be achieved by improving business communications between the company and partners, as well as the consolidation of data on orders, exhibitions, and promotions in the unified system.

"We produce not just kitchens, but technically complex product that requires a professional approach at all stages of development. High quality of the kitchens Maria is achieved through the development of new technologies, the use of modern equipment and materials, control at every stage of the production of furniture. We believe that technology and quality should be seen in all things, including the interaction with customers and partners. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will enable us to significantly improve the efficiency of not only our employees, but also partners," says Kirill Hromov, CIO of the furniture factory Maria.

"We are grateful that the largest producer and the leader in its industry – the furniture factory Maria – has entrusted to us the task of optimizing business processes. One important result of the implementation of CRM-systems is the ability to analyze key performance indicators (KPI) of the own employees in company units of Maria and of her partners. Management of the furniture factory will be able to use these data to improve employee motivation, decision-making and analysis of the performance of the company as a whole," says Svetlana Gudkova, Director of CRM products Department, GMCS.

About Maria Furniture Factory

Maria Furniture Factory is a furniture factory and a wide dealer net of kitchen studios acros all Russia and beyond (more than 300 studios in 150 cities). Maria Furniture factory was established in 1999. and before 2010 specialized in kitchen furniture only. Today new spheres are actively developed: bathroom furniture and business-objects. New projects are prepared, previous undertakings are brought to perfection.

Materials and components are supplied by leading European manufacturers. The factory offers over 50 kitchens in the classic and modern styles to its clients. The product line is annually added to by new collections, full of fresh and relevant ideas. The colour scheme is expanded, new technologies are implemented. Presently the factory has enough capacity to manufacture more than 3000 kitchen garnitures per month. However, special attention is given to quality control on every stage of manufacture of the furniture.

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