3 june 2013
Yota uses progressive models of clients’ service with CRM of Microsoft
Yota uses progressive models of clients' service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Company applies widely innovative solutions and approaches, including practice of home agents.

It allows Yota to not only reduce the cost of service, but also increase the level of clients' service, support loyalty and develop personalized schemes of service.

Implementation of a new CRM-system was started with GMCS in 2012. Microsoft Dynamics CRM replaced a rank of applications that was used by Yota in clients' service. One of results of service processes consolidation within a unified platform is the cost reduction of support of CRM-system in 40%.

The process of clients' service is based on the principle of "a single window": data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is consolidated from different service systems, billing, geo-informational systems that reflect network map, as well as hosts of network infrastructure and other sources of information. Thus, when a client contacts with the company – it's possible to do with telephone and as well with e-mail of web-site of Yota – call-center's operator will see full profile of the client just in few seconds, including the status of connection, information of a device, statistics and so on. Therefore, he can operationally start to process the client's request and do not waste the time on extract information.

"CRM-system is used not only in our call-center in Saint-Petersburg, but also in many places of sales throughout Russia. Usage of the unified CRM-system simplifies significantly the work of specialists in clients' service and helps to form comfortable conditions for our clients at the all stages of cooperation with Yota. One of the project features is the huge volume of task in integration with other components of our IT-landscape, including integration with smart IP-telephony. It helps home agent to carry call-center operator's functions from workplace at home," commented Mikhail Sokolov, CIO Yota.

According to estimates of Yota, already for the first month of maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with more than 100 thousand requests in month the time of call processing will shorten in 25%, the tome of request processing from web-site and e-mail – in 50%.

It is typical for CRM-system in telecommunications that the most part of clients' data and their actions are located in the external sources. It is not only BSS/OSS-systems and components of the operator network; but also Yota clients' card are kept in the external CDI-system that allows the operator to carry on the unified policy of work with clients' data, provide high level of data quality, its confidentiality.

"The project of GMCS is unique also because the implementation of CRM-system was carried out in conditions of business transformation. Competent project management and support from Yota’s team allowed to have the solution, which accumulates company's own groundwork in customer relations and the best industry practices," noted Vyacheslav Blinkov, Business Director of GMCS.

"Client focus – is the motto today and in many thing is the necessary part of successfully developing business. Clients are waiting for an individual approach from the company and they choose very often what products and services to use in accordance with this. Contemporary CRM-systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, help companies to be client-oriented, open new possibilities for business development and search of new ways to increase the quality of clients’ service. Exactly this is demonstrated by the project of Yota," said Alena Gekler, Director of Microsoft Business Solutions in Russia.

About Yota

Yota is the largest LTE operator in Russia and one of the world`s industry leaders in the wireless broadband. Founded in 2007, Yota was the first provider to offer mobile broadband based on WiMAX technology and the first company to launch LTE network in Russia. In 2012 Yota was the first company globally to test LTE Advanced on a segment of commercial network. 

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