Business Applications Implementation and Support Services

Services provided by GMCS, a subsidiary of MAYKOR.  GMCS specializes in advanced Business IT solutions that improve organizational efficiency. 

GMCS offers a full range of innovative business applications implementation and support services:
  • Management and IT Consulting  
  • Information system implementation  
  • User training  
  • Information systems technical support  
  • Audit of information system implementation projects 

GMCS partners with leading software suppliers including Microsoft Dynamics, IBM Cognos, Prognoz, Oracle, SAP, JDA, QlikTech, and BOSS Kadrovik.

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GMCS today is:
Enterprise Resource Management
Financial Management
Planning and Analytics
Budgeting and Performance Management
Sales, Service and Marketing Management
Production Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
HR Management
Service offerings for automated HR processes:

  • Creation of comprehensive HRMS 
  • Implementation of HR portals
  • Technical support and IT outsourcing for HRMS

Effectively manage human resources processes from administration, evaluation, training and development to internal and external reporting. 

Key tasks covered by personnel management systems: 

Automation of personnel records and payroll including: 
  • Organizational Management and Planning 
  • Personnel Administration 
  • Personnel Records 
  • Analytical accounting of personnel and labor costs 
  • Accounting based on time and material, and timecard management 
  • Payroll and taxes 

Human resources processes including: 
  • Assessment and certification of personnel 
  • Training and development
  • Recruitment 
  • Motivation and compensation packages 
  • Temporary staffing 
  • Manage personnel costs 

External and internal analytical reporting including: 
  • Tax and public reporting on personnel and salary 
  • Reporting to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation 
  • Customizable and ad-hoc reporting

Mobile Apps
Billing Systems
Industry Solutions
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