Business Applications Implementation and Support Services

Services provided by GMCS, a subsidiary of MAYKOR.  GMCS specializes in advanced Business IT solutions that improve organizational efficiency. 

GMCS offers a full range of innovative business applications implementation and support services:
  • Management and IT Consulting  
  • Information system implementation  
  • User training  
  • Information systems technical support  
  • Audit of information system implementation projects 

GMCS partners with leading software suppliers including Microsoft Dynamics, IBM Cognos, Prognoz, Oracle, SAP, JDA, QlikTech, and BOSS Kadrovik.

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GMCS today is:
Enterprise Resource Management
Financial Management
Planning and Analytics
Budgeting and Performance Management
Sales, Service and Marketing Management
Production Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Key timelines in supply chain management (SCM):

  • Strategic stage (2-15 years) – define business development strategic goals , develop strategies, identify investment areas and fund sources, outline criteria to measure progress.  
  • Tactical stage (3 months - 2 years) – define budget based on strategic objectives, examine current situation, assess projected and planned production and delivery schedule , assess risks, adjust plan and budget based on changing market conditions in order to maximize goals. 
  • Operating stage (1 day - 3 months) – execute tactical plan (take orders, contract with suppliers, transport, manufacte), form operational plans, monitor performance, analyze exceptional events, make necessary adjustments, provide information to improve processes.

Get an effective tool to solve production and supply chain challenges such as planning, optimization, monitoring and control of the entire chain, from supplier management to end-user servicing. 

Benefits of implementing SCM systems: 

  • Reduce planning cycle 
  • Optimize costs by identifying strategic suppliers
  • Reduce production costs through the optimization of product flows and more efficient internal and external information flow 
  • Reduce storage costs by matching production levels with market demand
  • Improve quality of customer service through efficient and flexible delivery process

HR Management
Mobile Apps
Billing Systems
Industry Solutions
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