Business Process Outsourcing

MAYKOR provides a wide range of BPO services in the areas of finance, tax and accounting, human resources and records management for organizations throughout Russia. 

To address the specific needs and requirements of each of our clients, MAYKOR has established a Shared Services Center (SSC) to manage all clients’ business processes. The SSC serves as a competency center that can efficiently handle large volumes of data and peak loads using established processes, strict SLAs and advance automation. 

Utilize MAYKOR’s BPO services to achieve:

  • Effective implementation of business processes with clear division of roles, rights and responsibilities for both clients and MAYKOR staff 
  • Reduction of 25% or more in operating costs as a result of continuity in operations as well as best practices in recruiting, training, and retaining personnel 
  • Easy access to skilled resources and innovative technologies that streamlines your business 
  • Increased satisfaction thanks to the highest quality of service

Finance and Accounting
Tax Accounting and Reporting
Human Resources and Payroll Outsourcing
Document Capture and Management
MAYKOR’s BPO services offer:
Strict compliance to customers’ requirements based on SLAs
Easy access to skilled resources and innovative technologies
Significant reduction in and predictability of costs
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