Business Solutions as a Service

MAYKOR provides customers with industry-leading, reliable packaged business solutions that include infrastructure, applications, related services and staff, on a subscription basis. 

Our Business Solutions as a Service offerings not only solve business problems quickly, they offer clients transparency and predictability with respect to costs. 

With BSaaS, customers will: 

  • Get the necessary infrastructure packaged with technical support and service experts faster and without incurring capital expenditures 
  • Experience high performance and 100% uptime of the systems installed  
  • Avoid infrastructure acquisition, maintenance and repair costs  
  • Decrease document processing while increasing efficiency –single monthly payment for all services rendered
  • Gain flexibility through on-demand scalability of packages

Automated Workplace as a Service
Managed Print Services
Sales Management as a Service
Call Center Services
Human Capital Management
Fleet Management, Tracking and Dispatch
MAYKOR provides packaged solutions to manage, control and optimize customers’ fleets without capital investments in infrastructure and software. 

Fleet management as a Service 

Utilizing GLONASS/GPS, fleet management as a service is an all-inclusive MAYKOR solution that includes navigational equipment, secured access to on-line monitoring system and 24/7/365 technical support. 

The solution: 

  • Provides accurate data on location, mileage and downtime, fuel drainage factors and misuse that helps reduce transportation costs
  • Ensures strict compliance with route and transport timetables, hence increasing drivers’ discipline  
  • Improves safety: hijacking prevention, rapid response to emergency situations, traffic speed monitoring
  • Reduces labor costs through automated control and accounting of fuels and lubricants, drivers’ working hours, waybills, etc. 

Key features of MAYKOR’s fleet management as a service are as follows:  

  • No cost to acquire, maintain and upgrade equipment and software  
  • No cost to purchase and store spare parts and replacement equipment  
  • Cost transparency and predictability via pay-per-use system
  • Quick setup allowing immediate operation 
  • Customized to the customer’s needs and business objectives  
  • Installation, activation and ensure reliable operation of fleet equipment  
  • Training and 24/7 user support including help with generating reports and analytics

Cargo Control as a Service 

Automated cargo control ensures current and accurate information about the movement of cargo in real-time.

MAYKOR’s powerful software solution enables automation of cargo tracking without the costs associated to create and upgrade customers’ own IT infrastructure, while giving access to real-time cargo information from anywhere on any device via the Internet. 

Key features of the automated cargo control service:  

  • Online monitoring of actual cargo movement: loading traffic parameters, parking, unloading  
  • Online cargo tracking including the ability to provide customers access to their cargos’ data while in transit
  • Display all vehicles’ movement on a map  
  • Automatic email and SMS notifications of status updates and deviations in the transport schedule to other relevant parties 
  • Vehicle identification including route, driver, cargo and trailer 
  • Cargo search by VIN, name, invoice, application numbers or number of the container  
  • Comprehensive reports including analysis of historical data Ensure all parties get full transparency of goods being transported, while reducing the costs and risks of contractual obligations. 

Dispatch Management as a Service 

MAYKOR’s dispatch management solution optimizes transportation routing and management. It is a web service that automatically generates optimal routes to ensure orders are delivered on time. 

Achieve the next level of logistics management with: 

  • Route planning of any complexity within seconds  
  • More orders fulfilled using less transportation resources 
  • Improved customer loyalty 
  • Reduced transport costs 
  • Reduced labor costs and human errors 

Key features of the dispatch management service are:  

  • Automatic scheduling of optimal routes worldwide, accounting for traffic jams, delivery time and warehouses’ workload schedules  
  • Schedule formation for each unit of transport, including forecasting the arrival time to the customer
  • Intelligent distribution of orders based on volume, the type of goods and cargo compatibility  
  • Integration with GLONASS/GPS monitoring systems as well as all accounting and CRM systems 

Online Orders and Courier Management Service 

MAYKOR has a robust tool for managing couriers online with the following features:  

  • Automatic order distribution by couriers according to the route construction for the day
  • All orders and travel couriers are displayed on the map in real-time  
  • Route optimization and the sequence of order execution, taking into account traffic congestions  
  • Estimation of order transit timing so as to inform customers about delivery time via SMS or email 
  • Automatic online addition for orders and delivery requests  
  • Ready communication for couriers through built-in chat technology 
  • Comprehensive data including all work history, reports on completed orders, and couriers’ punctuality and performance - to analyze and calculate payment  
  • Easy integration with existing accounting systems and business processes (accounting, website, inventory, invoices, barcodes, etc.) 

Optimize deliveries in every aspect. 

Benefits of using the online orders and couriers management service include: 

  • Full control of the couriers using an easy, accessible, online solution 
  • Save time and money 
  • Improve quality of services 
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Business Solutions as a Service from MAYKOR:
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