Business Solutions as a Service

MAYKOR provides customers with industry-leading, reliable packaged business solutions that include infrastructure, applications, related services and staff, on a subscription basis. 

Our Business Solutions as a Service offerings not only solve business problems quickly, they offer clients transparency and predictability with respect to costs. 

With BSaaS, customers will: 

  • Get the necessary infrastructure packaged with technical support and service experts faster and without incurring capital expenditures 
  • Experience high performance and 100% uptime of the systems installed  
  • Avoid infrastructure acquisition, maintenance and repair costs  
  • Decrease document processing while increasing efficiency –single monthly payment for all services rendered
  • Gain flexibility through on-demand scalability of packages

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Sales Management as a Service
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Human Capital Management
MAYKOR offers a comprehensive solution for effective personnel management that achieves improved productivity and discipline through control of 3 key components:  

  • Mobile workforce automation management system
  • Biometric attendance
  • Personnel video surveillance

Features of the mobile workforce automation management system include:

  • Collect and transmit work orders online
  • Automated selection of experts for the work based on qualifications and location, routing and work time-schedule
  • Track in real time the location and shift of personnel
  • Get all necessary information on work orders for specialist via mobile devices and PC
  • Automatically reserve and account for spare parts and material used for repairs
  • Access automated reports, accounting documents related to contract completion and detailed analytics on each expert’s tasks and work status

Gain maximum control of your staff’s productivity and task quality through real-time monitoring and dispatching. 

The innovative advanced biometric attendance system has the following features:

  • Comprehensive employees database including biometric fingerprint information for accurate identification
  • Automated recording of employees’ schedule, arrival and departure times, and working hours
  • Real-time logging of all schedule exceptions such as absences, tardiness, early departures and overtime with violations notifications by e-mail and text messages
  • Automatic logging of timesheets, including the T-13
  • Easy analysis through standard and specialized reports for each employee, department, and company
  • Sync with any personnel management and ERP system

The benefits of using the biometric attendance system are:

  • 100% accuracy in employee hours data
  • 40% increase in adherence to work schedule
  • 15% reduction in labor costs associated with HR administration
  • 30% increase in overall productivity

Take advantage of MAYKOR’s unique biometrics as a service offer - a quick start solution that includes training and 24/7 customer support to ensure high system accuracy. The solution has no capital expenditure, guarantees transparent pricing and payment post service provision.

MAYKOR offers advanced video surveillance system for workplace personnel that features:

  • Audio and video monitoring of staff and visitors/customers
  • Automated facial recognition of staff and customers
  • Tally customer count and analyze queue video
  • Event triggers in video streams to run or start scripts associated with events including alarm to operator, e-mail and messages notifications
  • Full video archive with comprehensive analytics and intelligent search

5 reasons to use MAYKOR’s video surveillance to monitor staff:

  • 100% coverage and recording all employees’ actions, guaranteeing absence of "blind spots"
  • Absolute peace of mind 24/7 remote control of everything taking place on premises
  • Significant increase in staff efficiency • Security that minimizes theft and other offences
  • Improve the company’s efficiency without the capital cost of equipment and software

Get 100% staff control, monitor your employees’ actions, increase productivity by 3-4 times and improve customer service – realize potential profit growth of 30% or more

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Business Solutions as a Service from MAYKOR:
Reduction and predictability of ongoing IT costs
Easy to scale across Russia
Guaranteed quality of service based on SLAs
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