Business Solutions as a Service

MAYKOR provides customers with industry-leading, reliable packaged business solutions that include infrastructure, applications, related services and staff, on a subscription basis. 

Our Business Solutions as a Service offerings not only solve business problems quickly, they offer clients transparency and predictability with respect to costs. 

With BSaaS, customers will: 

  • Get the necessary infrastructure packaged with technical support and service experts faster and without incurring capital expenditures 
  • Experience high performance and 100% uptime of the systems installed  
  • Avoid infrastructure acquisition, maintenance and repair costs  
  • Decrease document processing while increasing efficiency –single monthly payment for all services rendered
  • Gain flexibility through on-demand scalability of packages

Automated Workplace as a Service
Managed Print Services
Sales Management as a Service
MAYKOR provides a complete solution for retail chain sales management including software and hardware, technical support and on-demand upgrades for a fixed monthly fee. 

Our solution gives clients access to more robust process control of their retail chains’ front and back offices including:  

  • Point of Sales management 
  • Retail payment equipment management 
  • Logistics management: distribution, warehouses 
  • Merchandise management: assortment, replenishment, product categories  
  • Pricing, promotions and discounts management 
  • Marketing and loyalty programs management including promotions, cards, coupons and certificates  
  • E-commerce and social networks (social commerce) sales support 
  • Business intelligence and reporting 

With the solution, customers are assured prompt installation, connection and smooth operation of the following: 

  • Automated workplaces for cashiers: POS systems, barcode scanners, cash drawers, banknote detectors and other necessary equipment 
  • Weighing equipment
  • Security systems: surveillance systems, monitoring and access control systems, anti-theft systems 
  • Visitor counter systems based on intelligent video analysis technology 

This is a comprehensive solution for the management of any size retail network with minimal equipment and software outlay to customers. 

Customers will gain savings through: 

  • No capital investments in high technology infrastructure  
  • Cost optimization through a single integrated solution 
  • Fast start-up and flexible scaling  
  • Affordable fixed fee for provisioning of automated workplaces 
  • Free solution updates and upgrades

Call Center Services
Human Capital Management
Fleet Management, Tracking and Dispatch
Business Solutions as a Service from MAYKOR:
Reduction and predictability of ongoing IT costs
Easy to scale across Russia
Guaranteed quality of service based on SLAs
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