Facility Management

MAYKOR provides reliable, safe and efficient facility management services that reduce the cost of operations.

Our full range of services comprise:

  • Continuous monitoring and management using comprehensive tools and systems
  • Construction, remodeling and modernization including design, survey, construction and installation
  • Integrating automation and remote control capabilities
  • Testing and measuring all electrical equipment and parameters in our own electro-laboratory

Security Systems
Fire Protection Systems
Climate Control Systems
Power Supply and UPS Systems
MAYKOR provides the following reliable, integrated services for commercial offices as well as public and industrial buildings and structures:

  • UPS systems
  • Electrical power supply and lighting systems
  • Low voltage electrical equipment
  • Lightning protection and grounding systems
  • Smart control systems for pumps and electrical motors
  • Modular lighting control and scheduling systems
  • Integrated energy resources control and management systems

Boost efficiency and reliability of all your power supply systems across all sites.

Key maintenance services for power supply systems:

  • Audit of all infrastructures in order to optimize and reduce energy costs
  • Diagnosis of diesel generator units, inverters and stabilizers, protection and switching equipment, as well as all other power supply system components
  • Cleaning hardware, lamps, electronic modules and power components
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of UPS units
  • Input and output voltage analysis and load recalculation
  • Minor troubleshooting, hardware repair and replacement
  • Support on operation-related issues

MAYKOR ensures your electrical systems are always in good condition while reducing malfunctions such that your repair and maintenance costs are minimized.

MAYKOR electro-lab services include:

  • Wide range of electrical tests and measurements
  • Inspection and diagnostics of all power supply system components
  • Verification and mapping of electrical diagrams for client's facility
  • Benchmarking against industry standards, and recommendations for equipment servicing, repairs and upgrades

Building Automation and Management
MAYKOR services in the field of engineering infrastructure provide:
Innovative control system service work online
One-Hour Reception Center and scheduling applications
Mobile teams across Russia that can be deployed quickly
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