Facility Management

MAYKOR provides reliable, safe and efficient facility management services that reduce the cost of operations.

Our full range of services comprise:

  • Continuous monitoring and management using comprehensive tools and systems
  • Construction, remodeling and modernization including design, survey, construction and installation
  • Integrating automation and remote control capabilities
  • Testing and measuring all electrical equipment and parameters in our own electro-laboratory

Security Systems
MAYKOR provides configuration, implementation, maintenance and modernization services for the following:

  • Security alarm systems
  • Perimeter security systems
  • Access control and management systems
  • Data collection and processing systems
  • CCTV security systems, including IP surveillance systems
  • Information security systems, including personal data protection

Get comprehensive security for your critical facilities whether you are a company, a city or a region.

Key security systems maintenance services:

  • Testing operability of core equipment and peripherals
  • Software setup and upgrade, and system database backup
  • Programming new badges/access keys
  • Cleaning hardware, and servers’ external and internal components
  • Diagnosing potential problems and minor troubleshooting
  • Providing temporary buffer systems for uninterrupted operations
  • Recommending security systems improvements
  • User support on operation-related issues

Fire Protection Systems
Climate Control Systems
Power Supply and UPS Systems
Building Automation and Management
MAYKOR services in the field of engineering infrastructure provide:
Innovative control system service work online
One-Hour Reception Center and scheduling applications
Mobile teams across Russia that can be deployed quickly
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