Industry-Specific Services

MAYKOR provides high performance and reliable operation of specialized equipment for companies across various industries.

Transfer the management of your entire technological infrastructure to a single service partner, MAYKOR. Benefit from a “one-stop shop” model including implementation, on-going technical support and upgrade services that allow you to devote internal resources to your core business.  
Retail Equipment
Banking Systems
Gas Stations and Oil Depots Infrastructure
Communications Systems and Devices
Billing Systems for Energy
MAYKOR offers energy companies a full range of implementation and maintenance services for billing systems based on the MECOMS platform. 

Deliver a high level of customer service at all stages of customer interaction, from consumption to payments as follows:  

  • Commercial unit: contracts management, accounting for contractual quantities and consumption, maintenance contracts
  • Calculation unit: counter readings collection and verification, calculating accounting and unaccounted consumption volume, invoice generation and mass printing of primary documents 
  • Financial unit: payments receiving and processing, provisioning, reporting for taxes  
  • Legal unit: claims management, calculation of receivables, penalties, interest calculation, user notifications
  • Market communications: user services web-portal, electronic exchange of primary documents with customers, specialized mobile applications  
  • Performance management: reference information management, recording metering device information, connection of electricity and water meters, GIS systems integration, commercial balances accounting, analytical reports

MAYKOR provides a comprehensive solution that takes into account the specific business processes of the customer including development of billing system, implementation, commissioning and on-going service support.

MAYKOR’s full range of services are as follows: 

  • Design billing system 
  • Develop calculation models 
  • Administer billing system 
  • Maintain system to ensure smooth operation 
  • Develop billing solution to meet new business requirements

Wind power
Industry-Specific Services from MAYKOR:
Reduced costs related to maintenance and ownership of infrastructure
6,100 service professionals across the country
Guaranteed service quality level in all regions of the Russian Federation
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