IT Outsourcing

MAYKOR provides comprehensive IT support services to ensure optimized performance and operation of customers’ IT infrastructure regardless of where they are located in Russia. 

Full range of IT Outsourcing services:

  • Centralized management, integrated service support and development of customer's IT infrastructure. 
  • Turnkey setup of all IT equipment for geographically distributed locations including offices, branch offices, warehouses, retail outlets and customer service centers.
  • Transfer of all IT infrastructure to any new facility including taking inventory, assembly and dismantling, reconnecting, configuring and testing of all equipment and systems.

Computer and Office Equipment
Networking and Telephony Equipment
Data Processing and Storage Systems
Custom Software

MAYKOR provides custom software development including:

  • Mobile application development across all types of mobile devices and platform
  • Web applications such as corporate websites, e-commerce, social networking, information portals and streaming video resources
  • Embedded applications
  • Security and surveillance applications

MAYKOR creates unique solutions for customers using the highest standards of quality combined with deep industry and technology expertise.

MAYKOR’s software development center offers the following core competencies:

  • Full range of software design and development services including integration with other systems, performance engineering, user training, documentation development and on-going support and maintenance
  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, redesign and refactoring of existing applications
  • Comprehensive QA and testing services such as reliability and compatibility testing, functional testing, usability testing, beta testing

MAYKOR’s expertise allows you to create innovative and reliable solutions for your business that helps you gain competitive advantage. We have extensive experience in product development in the areas of e-commerce, security, media and entertainment, geolocation, and logistics.

MAYKOR has also developed a large number of diverse solutions for mobile device manufacturers.

Cloud Services
IT Outsourcing from MAYKOR:
Hotline technical support throughout Russia
6,100 service professionals across the country
Quality Assurance services based on SLAs
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