IT Outsourcing

MAYKOR provides comprehensive IT support services to ensure optimized performance and operation of customers’ IT infrastructure regardless of where they are located in Russia. 

Full range of IT Outsourcing services:

  • Centralized management, integrated service support and development of customer's IT infrastructure. 
  • Turnkey setup of all IT equipment for geographically distributed locations including offices, branch offices, warehouses, retail outlets and customer service centers.
  • Transfer of all IT infrastructure to any new facility including taking inventory, assembly and dismantling, reconnecting, configuring and testing of all equipment and systems.

Computer and Office Equipment
Networking and Telephony Equipment
MAYKOR provides a full range of services for deployment and maintenance of the following:

  • Multiservice corporate networks 
  • Structured cable networks 
  • Local area networks
  • Wireless office networks - Wi-Fi, Hot-spot, DECT 
  • Network resources monitoring and administration systems 
  • Telecommunications systems: traditional and VoIP 
  • Audio and video conferencing systems, terrestrial and satellite TV systems 

Boost productivity and reliability of your corporate network while reducing operational cost. 

MAYKOR provides the following key maintenance services: 

  • Networking equipment administration and operability monitoring
  • Telephony and e-mail systems administration 
  • Corporate network connections for users and automatic telephone exchange 
  • Corporate network security 
  • Networking equipment diagnostics and preventive maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Software updates, setup, and upgrade
  • Replacement of inoperable hardware 
  • User support for operation-related issues

Data Processing and Storage Systems
Custom Software
Cloud Services
IT Outsourcing from MAYKOR:
Hotline technical support throughout Russia
6,100 service professionals across the country
Quality Assurance services based on SLAs
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